‘The Predator’ Behind the Scenes Footage Confirms Everybody Loves Shane Black (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - August 24, 2018

There's a real dry spell for quality entertainment at the multiplex right now, and that trend is going to continue well into next month. But on September 14, Summer II kicks off with the release of Shane Black's The Predator. This new EPK video for the film, released by AMC Theatres, gets some insight from the actors as to why they signed on for the flick, and most of them begin and end with Shane Black.

And why wouldn't you want to work with Black? He's directed two of the best films of the new millennium (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang & The Nice Guys) and is intimately familiar with the franchise, having appeared as Hawkins in 1987's Predator. He's a legacy.

Seriously though, I haven't been this excited for a film since probably Infinity War, which was mild excitement at best. This has the potential to be the best one in the franchise after the original. Nothing's going to top that one, but this one sure can top a whole bunch of garbage.

The Predator hits theaters three weeks from today, on September 14.