The Next Xbox and Playstation Changing the Game with Connectivity

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bill-swift - February 12, 2013

And just like that a mini torrent of information, speculation, hyperbole and leaks about the next consoles from Microsoft and Playstation is upon us and the first shots in the upcoming console battle have already been fired. Kotaku beat some nuggets of info out of veteran, if not totally reliable, source who revealed many whoppers including the idea of an always present, always connected Kinect motion-sensing system that will ship with every new Microsoft console. Not only will everybody be forced onto the Kinect train, but the Kinect unit itself will be much improved --able to "see" six people and the articulation of their hands all with a camera that can see farther and wider than the current camera.

Sony, meanwhile, has thrown out 6pm EST on February 20 in New York City as the time and place for a major announcement that has everybody convinced Playstation information is on the way. Soft acknowledgement by game makers that something big is coming up, has fueled excitement that next Wednesday will be the day. There's chatter about Killzone 4 on the new Playstation, an innovative controller that's supposed to include a touchscreen and/or "share" button for social media and even a rumor about the thing coming with two cameras.

Now that the race for the living room entertainment crown has restarted, keep it here for more on the new systems because things are about to get wild.

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