The Most Epic Explosions To Hit The Silver Screen (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 23, 2013

When Olympus Has Fallen hits movie theaters today (see an explosion-heavy Red Band clip above) you can bet that some sh*t is going to get blown up real good.

But what about other great movie explosions? The kinds that blows up more pyrotechnics than a Chinese firework factory built over a gas station. And after the jump you can check out our favorite boom-boom moments from Hollywood's finest.

And don't forget, Olympus Has Fallen opens in theaters everywhere today, March 22nd!

Hard to top the hilariously-timed explosion in Tropic Thunder

Not a big football fan? How about a stadium explosion from The Dark Knight Rises?

Or seeing the White House and most of the Eastern seaboard get blown to bits in Independence Day

We're also a fan of when the comet hit Earth in Deep Impact

And how about a stylized clip from The Hurt Locker?

In Swordfish, Travolta sports a wacky haircut - and lots of people and things explode!

Thought the bad guys were going to get away in Die Hard? Um, not so much.