The Houston Dynamo Cheerleaders, Dynamic

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bill-swift - October 2, 2014

I'm from Houston and have enjoyed going to a couple of Dynamo games. Not because I like soccer but because of the Dynamo cheerleaders. You might not have known that soccer had cheerleaders. Well, they do here in America. And they have the best uniforms. Basically it's a pair of short shorts that come up to their crotchecological region. The top is low cut and has a bare mid-riff. They top it off with a pair of knee high socks that make them look like Catholic school girls. The effect is striking.

I'm actually going to go see the Dynamos play the Red Bulls next week. I'm hoping the cheerleaders make the trip. In fact, I'm offering to pay for their bus ride provided they spend one evening's slumber at my house. I'm so very good at tip-toeing you would not believe.

Thanks to Ego friend and cheerleader photographer Scott Byrne for the wonderful Houston sports photos once again!