The Green Bay Packers Lead off the Egotastic! NFL Awards for Week Six

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michael-garcia - October 16, 2012

The awards are Packed full this week, get it? Okay, that was bad, but so was the ass-kicking Green Bay put on the Texans in Houston last night. There was plenty of competition for the Road Warriors of the Week with Buffalo's surprising win in Arizona, the Giants devastating the 49ers in San Francisco, Detroit coming from behind to win in OT in Philly and even the Raiders got consideration for nearly giving Atlanta their first loss. But Green Bay dismantled the previously unbeaten Texans, so they get the nod.

A lot of great storylines around the league this week, too. Four of the Fab Five rookie QBs led their teams to wins, with AndrewLuck being the only one who took a loss. Kickers continue to blast bombs...we saw a 55-yard game winner and a 61-yard missle. The Seahawks came back on a beautiful deep pass to beat the Patriots by one point, leaving everyone in the AFC East at 3-3. This is getting really interesting.

How about Richard Sherman of the Seahawks chasing down Tom Brady to talk smack after that win? Apparently Brady told him to say something if they won, so Sherman did. Then he took to Twitter to keep it going and post the pic of him shit talking Brady, but then later deleted it. Come on, Sherman, own it. You did it, don't back away. The weird thing is I heard and read plenty of experts saying how great the Seahawks' secondary is, after Brady torched them all day and had nearly 400 yards.

The Jets pasted the Colts, and that was with Mark Sanchez going only 11 for 18 for 82 yards. Sanchez did have two TD tosses, but it was Shonn Greene who put on a show with 161 rushing yards and three TDs.

The Lions pulled out a win in Philadelphia in OT on the strength of Calvin Johnson owning the Eagles secondary in the second half. Buffalo had an OT win in Arizona, proving maybe they aren't as bad as they seemed the last two weeks, and the Cardinals aren't as good as their 4-0 start.

Denver goes into San Diego tonight to finish off a great week with what should be a great game.

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