The Game of 2014 is… Smash Bros? Sure, Why the Eff Not

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chris-littlechild - December 25, 2014

This has been determined by ACTUAL SCIENCE. If there are two things in this world you don't screw with, it's science and numbers. And, y'know, the science of numbers. All three of them have colluded together and decided, yep, Smash Bros is pretty freaking awesome right here. More so than anything else released this year, that‘s for damn sure.

Put another, non-crazy way, this whole ‘Christmas' business means that the year is all but over. Barring a few waking-up-in-strangers'-apartments-with-no-pants-on parties (your new years plans may differ). As such, this is the time to look back at the picks of 2014‘s gaming crop.

Metacritic determines the worth of games by gathering critical reviews from all over the web. If you're assed about reviews and such, it's about the best place to get an overall unbiased picture. A quick ogle at the end of year statistics places Smash Bros Wii U as the ‘best' game of the year.

Well, not quite. The Last of Us Remastered and Grand Theft Auto V have a higher metascore. Still, as Kotaku reports, ‘...taking off the games that are remakes or remasters — which is what GTA and TLOU are — Smash is the top game of the year.' Remasters? Remakes? We don't have time for that sort of BS. We want raw, original game-age. In those terms, everyone seems to be embracing the Smashtastic.

The Nintendo brawler has certainly helped to haul Wii U's chestnuts out of the fire this holiday season.

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