The Dream Team vs 2012 Olympic Team Battle in NBA 2K12 (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 27, 2012

There's absolutely no debate here. The 1992 US Olympic Men's Basketball team is the greatest team ever assembled. Period. I'm of the belief that Kobe Bryant wasn't serious when he casually suggested this 2012 Olympic team "could take" the Dream Team. It's the middle of summer and guys are used to having their guards down at this time of year and Bryant clearly intended that to be a throwaway comment.

In any case, a basketball fan went through a lot of work to put together this "highlight" video of what a Dream Team vs 2012 Olympic Team matchup might look like. This is the power of video games: to create controllable, visual representations of the impossible. Speaking of impossible, Carmelo Anthony will never, ever look this good in a basketball game; real life or video game. That and dude needs to work on his created version of Charles Barkley. Chuck was a physical specimen in his playing days that today's fans can't really appreciate. Imagine a more athletic Rob Gronkowski and you'd be close.

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