The Best Workout Is the One You Get Laughing At These Workout Fails (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 29, 2012

I'm so sick of these guys walking around in tank tops showing off how ripped they got. My idea of a workout is when the batteries in my remote die and I have to get up to find replacements (that's not true actually, what I do is just switch out the DVD remote batteries to the cable on-Boom!). And as we get closer to the new year, everyone's sudden resolution is going to be to get in shape, which means I'll have to overhear twenty different conversations about what their rep scheme is or what kind of putrid filth they wash down as their protein supplement. The only shake I'm drinking is one with milk, malt mix and pork rinds--that was my Granpappy's diet and he lived to 105...weeks old.

Anyway, to remind people how dumb they can look if they take working out too seriously, here's the best workout fail compilation I've seen yet.

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