‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Has a Trailer, Which We Will Now Watch

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bill-swift - December 6, 2013

Are you excited for The Amazing Spider-Man 2? No? Well, I don't blame you.

There was nothing wrong with the first installment of the Spidey reboot, of course. Andrew Garfield was good. Emma Stone was good. The movie as a whole was good. However, it came out just three years after the last Spider-Man trilogy had wrapped up, which would have been weird even if the third Tobey Maguire picture hadn't sucked. But it did suck, and that took some of the wind out of the franchise's metaphorical sails. As a result, compared to all the other superhero flicks currently in production,  the excitement for Amazing 2 has been extremely low.

That might change, however, now that Sony has released the first official trailer. Is it good? Well, despite the fact that, at times, it looks like Spider-Man might have plugged himself into The Matrix—there is some serious Neo-like bullet-dodging going on—I'd say yes. In fact, I'd say it's kind of awesome. So you might just want to keep May 2 open.