Thandie Newton Naked Empowerment

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Lex Jurgen - June 8, 2017

Men understand that whatever reason a woman gives you for wanting to get laid, smile and look supportive. Angry at ex-boyfriend, angry at current boyfriend, pissed about boss, pissed at best friend, daddy wanted a boy, she feels fat. Sounds horrible. Keep bouncing. One of us is going to have all of our problems solved shortly.

Thandie Newton explained to the Variety trade magazine how her nude and naked love making scenes in Westworld this past season made her feel stronger as a woman than ever before:

"You know what it felt like? It felt like having that fourth baby because it was a moment of such intense self-affirmation, not for me, Thandie, but female power. I hadn't felt like that before."

Sounds amazing. Can we get some ice on those nipples for this next shot?

Newton goes in immense details about how being naked made her connect with her character and make her feel stronger as an actress and a woman than ever before. Then she added some bullshit about how her body wasn't in good shape after having her third kid and she's not even been to the gym lately. That's a lie, but refocus on the female empowerment part that keeps her naked.

Newton has been naked in numerous onscreen roles. This may be the first time she'd felt The Quickening because of it, but it's clearly part of her sales pitch to casting. She's forty-four, a mother of three, and her body looks amazing. A real life British trained actress who's attractive, skilled, and willing to do the dirty work. That's Helen Mirren like. She worked for another twenty solid years being the attractive older woman who'd do topless.

Even more female empowering than being a naked cyborg? Fat paychecks while your peers are screaming in the streets about sexism and ageism. 

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