Taylor Swift, the Unseen Teen Modeling Years (Wowza)

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bill-swift - October 22, 2013

I know many people are on the fence about Taylor Swift, but I think much of that is based upon what people think about her personally now as a pop diva in her 20's writing vindictive songs about all of her ex-boyfriends for no apparent reason. I can see how that might color one's opinion. Nevertheless, I would promote that beyond it all, Taylor Swift is a fairly pure hottie.

To wit (as people smarter than me say), we got hold of these photos of Taylor before all the fame, when she was just a teen model and want-to-be pop singer showing some very natural talent for the cameras. Take a look back at Taylor in her pure country blonde teen days and see if it doesn't re-color your opinion of her. She's a beauty, imho. Enjoy.