Taylor Swift E-lez-abethan Showstopper At Billboard Music Awards

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earl-jonas - May 2, 2019

No alleged lesbian knows how to allegedly work an alleged red carpet better than Taylor Swift, who stepped out for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards looking like Shakesphere's toilet paper cozy. Excuse me Shakesphere's sexy toilet paper cozy. Swift always knows how to ruffle... feathers, and while in front of the cameras flaunted her best asset - the gams that allegedly keep Hollywood starlets like Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss at her alleged beckon lesbian call. Allegedly.

Swift was nominated for, but didn't win, two awards at the Las Vegas bash - Top Female Artist (which went to Ariana Grande) and Top Touring Artist (Which went to Ed Sheeran) - but when it comes to Taylor Swift dressed asĀ Babette the duster from Beauty and the Beast, aren't we all winners? Lesbian? Allegedly?

Photo Credit: MEGA