Nicole Scherzinger Bare Midriff for the Hottest Thing About the X-Factor

That goes for the X-Factor on either side of the pond. Nicole Scherzinger simply has a crazy hot body and she’s not afraid to use it. Or show it off for the cameras, exiting the X-Factor studios to give the entire world a peek at her toned body and wonder how the heck her sweet teats aren’t falling out of her top. That seems to defy both gravity and my prayers.

Say what you will about the X-Factor, it’s insipid, staged, corny, and lining Simon Cowell’s pockets so he can bed more married women, but you can not take away the sight of some nice looking female judges, first and foremost, Nicole Scherzinger.  She makes me want to show her my secret talent. Bird-calling. Enjoy.

Paulina Rubio Upskirt Kicks Off Maybe Something Worthwhile About X-Factor

There seems to be a rather high turnover rate at X-Factor among judges and hosts. I’m not sure if they’re having trouble finding people to pretend to like crappy music on camera or if everybody on set is just tired of hearing Simon talk about all of his buddies’ wives he’s sleeping with, but it seems like an entirely new cast from season to season. But, with change comes opportunity, like the entry of Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio as one of the new judges on the show. Paulina made a grand entrance to her first day of work with an upskirt climbing out of her car.

Now, there’s almost no chance I will be joining the viewing audience for this show full of screaming and crying and costumes, but I will say as a disinterested third party highly interested in sextastic ladies, if Paulina keeps flashing up under her dress, this could be a thing (worth watching the highlight at least on here). Enjoy.

Britney Spears Props Up Pop-Star Cleavage at X-Factor Viewing Party

Leave it to Britney Spears to still find a little chest-loving in her fairly weathered tank, propping up her chest puppies big time for a red-carpet turn at an X-Factor Viewing Party.

Now, I must admit, I have not seen a single moment of X-Factor this season, or, any season really, because despite the fact they added Britney and Demi Lovato, well, the show isn’t really for guys, and once they placed Khloe Kardashian as the new show hostess, well, that kind of sealed the deal. Still, we did believe this would be a game changer for Britney, who is still fighting to regain her sanity and independence, both practically and legally, and to remind everyone that she once was a young woman on most everybody’s Top 10 Fappable List. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Cleavetastic Rack for For First Live Evening of X-Factor

I guess it’s a big deal or something when shows like X-Factor go to live performance nights, because instead of being completely staged event, they can only be mostly staged events, and the viewers get all in a tizzy as the sob-stories sing their hearts out for the chance to be the next completely messed up music star. It is a thing. And a wonderful thing at that when X-Factor judge hottie Nicole Scherzinger decides that she’s going to make the first live performance show of the season with a ridiculously, but blessedly, hot and revealing low cut golden dress than flashed a good amount of her golden apples.

Reality TV and singing shows, not necessarily our cup of tea. But hot female boobtastic celebrity hostesses — well, we’d like those two sugar in our tea please (not to mention the milk). Enjoy.

Demi Lovato Forgets to Button Her Top (Maybe) For an X-Factor Bra Flash

Who would’ve thunk there’d be drama on the set of the X-Factor when they brought in Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as celebrity judges for the season. We happen to love and lust both of these pop divas, but, let’s be honest, there’s a history of some instability in both camps. And, apparently, tapings of the show this summer around the country and the various scheduling and promotional events have not been running super smooth. Cancellations, changes, and tardy celebrities has been the norm. Nevertheless, the addition of the two almost gives a man pause to consider watching this umpteenth reality show singing star show, if only for the wardrobe malfunctions and the potential for train wreckage.

Demi Lovato herself showed up to work with a look that I know only too well, and it bespeaks of a night of little sleep, perhaps some imbibing of potent potables the evening before, but, for Demi, it also meant an unbuttoned shirt revealing her black bra beneath. Now, this could be a fashion style of which we’re not yet acquainted here, considering the last fashion style we were acquainted with involved Zubaz pants and mesh half-shirts, but, we’re surmising that a distracted and possibly hungover Lovato might just have kept her clubbing look going through to the next day.

It’s the X-Factor, where X might actually stand for for dropping some X.  Enjoy.

Britney Spears Shows Up To Her First Day at Work In Tight Short Pink Dress

Everybody gets a little nervous on their first day at the new job. It’s just kind of a feel it out, how should I dress and look and act kind of time. But Britney Spears nailed it pretty good in her new X-Factor judges gig, in a tight short pink dress that just about speaks to why Britney Spears is on the show — eye candy.

Of course, the girl is going to get a little catty in her wardrobe now that Demi Lovato has also signed on in this sort of combination judge’s table slash psych clinic that the X-Factor has geared up for Season Two of the show that seems to have no purpose really other than to extract even more money from teen girls. But I suppose making money is a purpose unto itself. And Britney in tight pink, that’s a good way to get the wallets open. Enjoy.

Super Short, Super Tight, Super Low Cut White Dress — Britney Spears Is Back!

Okay, so much of this is smoke and mirrors (and makeup and Spanx and ropes and harnesses and a four-day starvation diet) but still, Britney Spears looked undeniably former-Britney-esque as the good moneymaking folks at Fox brought the former world superstar out for show at the Fox Upfronts to announce her as the new X-Factor judge.

Now, I must admit, I watched ten minutes of last season’s X-Factor before suffering both a migraine from the rapid camera movements and the startling commencement of a menstrual cycle by the time the fifth contestant broke down in sobbing tears, I’m not sure I can go through that bloody headache again. But I might just have to figure out a way to watch Britney if she’s going to be doing a cleavage and upskirt-potential show week in and week out, and lay off the Burger King runs in betwixt.

When Britney is on, she’s still on, IMHO. Enjoy.