Isabeli Fontana Just Straight Up Sexy in Vogue

After seeing the sultry and sextastic and vastly under-known Brazilian supermodel, Isabeli Fontana, at the amfAR even in Milan this past weekend, we got letters. Oh, we got letters demanding more hot views of this genetically fine-tuned specimen of woman-kind. And, thanks to our bon amis at Vogue France, say hello to Isabeli Fontana in this month’s edition, doing what she does best, making you not care that you just spent your entire paycheck on a dress for your lady, not when she looks that hot in it. That’s a true gift. Enjoy.

Underrated Hottie Michelle Williams Cosplays Marilyn Monroe in Vogue

Simple, but hot, not sure how Michelle Williams get overlooked when opening up the accounting books of spank banks worldwide. Not only can this girl act, a rare commodity among the thespianic crowd these days, but when she puts her mind (and body to it), Michelle Williams can pretty up with the rest of them. Add in the fact that she’s one of the few American actresses that dares to bare skin in the cinema, and lots of it, and, well, lust factor times a million for this little hottie, featured as another groundbreaking cinematic sexpot in this month’s edition of Vogue.

You go, girl. Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli Faded, Exposed, Sexy in Vogue Spain

There’s almost nothing you can do to eff up the hotness that is Bar Refaeli, though snappers for her latest photoshoot for Vogue Spain seem determined to try. Still, if you ogle closely and thoroughly, you will see beneath the photo-art renderings, the undeniable hotness that is the Israeli supermodel. While our lust for all things Bar has never wavered, I’m quite certain that with the addition of a straight boyfriend, and all the high-powered boot knocking that certainly must entail, Bar is radiating an even greater level of the sextastic these days, a woman in her prime, sewing her wild oats, and thankfully sharing with us a decent gander. Enjoy.

Claudia Schiffer Gets All German Kink for Vogue

What to do when your husband (purportedly) knocks up January Jones while filming X-Men? But of course, you pose all kinky in Vogue in the Motherland and show some stern resolve. A win-win situation as far as I’m concerned. Claudia Schiffer is a veteran hottie who when you throw a hard stick or riding crop into her hands, suddenly becomes a dominatrix of some distinction. I’m not saying I hope Claudia’s husband knocks up more young Hollywood starlets so that she does even kinkier photos, but, when life gives you lemons, if you’re Claudia Schiffer, you squeeze them into the cuts of your Submissive until he screams with delight. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Goes Artsy Hot Brunette For Vogue

If Emma Watson dropped out of college to spend more time just looking hot in magazines, well, we say a formal education is vastly overrated. Though this Vogue magazine pictorial looks inspired by some art class in one of those ivory towers where parents pay a ton of dough for their kids to talk shit about them, anything Emma Watson is pretty damn hot. She’s even lost her ginger roots in these photos, still, I wouldn’t throw her out of my Ikea Stefan inspired boudoir. There’s something about Emma, even when she strode past us on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet at Mach 3, just an air of hotness trails behind her. As did I trail behind her, momentarily, before being prevented forthwith by a posse of blue-tooth wearing short men in suits, like mini-Agent Smiths. Enjoy.

FIRST LOOK: Penelope Cruz Sexy Bombs the Pages of Vogue

Perhaps nobody is striking the sextastic bell as hard or as, well, hard, this week as Penelope Cruz who took the entire MILF meme to an entirely new level of hotness. Just like Angelina Jolie at Cannes this week, Penelope Cruz has shown the kids how the thirty-something veteran hotties still got it going on and are nowhere close to ready to give up their sextastic thrones. Take a gander at these Penelope Cruz pictures from the pages of the upcoming edition of Vogue magazine and see if you don’t see a whole lot of awesome left. Sure, we glorify and glamorize our barely legal celebrity hotties, and, boy, there are some amazing ones, but a woman with a few years of wisdom and experience under her belt, well, I’d like to undo that belt. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Gets Freaky Topless for Vogue France


Well, all things French are by their very nature, inexplicable. Such is the case with these Kate Moss topless pictures in Vogue France. Weird, but hot, but weird. Kind of like Kate Moss herself, veteran supermodel, swinging between weird body shapes and cocaine binges to restrained mom and good charitable citizen. I think I lust celebrities with this dual-nature, or maybe it’s just the dual funbags exposed in Franco-artsy style. Either way, give it up for Kate, still going topless strong at 37. Enjoy.