Natasha Poly Topless Pictures Glow in Frenchie Vogue

Natasha Poly Glows in the Vogue France June 2012 Topless Photoshoot
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We were just ogling the super sexy supermodel Natasha Poly during her red carpet ventures in Cannes last week, and, to our good fortune, the Russian hottie is now featured in this month’s Vogue France. And to our better fortune, she’s kind of topless, which is a treasure worth more than gold, well, more than the drachma at least.

Sometimes I imagine what life would be like if American fashion and beauty magazines featured some of the hotter models and celebs in the world flashing their bare tops; I know it would make my free skimming four hour perusal sessions at the outdoor magazine stand far more memorable. Enjoy.

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Gisele Bundchen Fashionably Smoking Hot in Vogue Paris

Tom Brady haters aside, cause, yeah, he gets to dip his wick in Gisele’s flower basket, there’s no not loving Gisele Bundchen who puts on quite a show in Vogue Paris this month.

Now, normally, this magazine might leave a man feeling a little lost in the world of high-fashion, but when Gisele starts taking off those clothes, fashion quickly turns into fun visual treats and these treats are a sight to behold.

What makes a model a supermodel? Well, I guess there’s the money and the popularity, but then there’s that certain ‘it’ quality, and ‘it’ is currently driving me kind of crazy here checking out Gisele. Enjoy

Jennifer Lopez Outright Swimsuit MILFtastic for Vogue Magazine Pictorial

Jenny from the block just did something to my… well, never mind.

The point is that uber-Latina MILF Jennifer Lopez looks ridiculously hot in her new photo pictorial in the current edition of Vogue magazine. Now, J-Lo tends to take great photos, you don’t get to be worth a bazillion dollars as a diva without being photogenic, but these poolside sweaty snaps from famed celebrity photographer Mario Testino are just outright gonadial butter churners (that’s a reference to the cream rising to the top, take a peek at these pics and you’ll get it). Enjoy.


Taylor Swift Gets About As Sexy As She Will Allow in Upcoming Vogue

We know there’s a silent army out there of Taylor Swift fans. Well, not so silent, we kind of hear the low, plaintiff wails of grunts and groans set against the acoustic backdrop of some truly saccharine country-pop music, but we’re currently taking medication to try and eliminate those sounds from our skull.

Nevertheless, you are out there. The Taylor Swifters who endlessly watch the little diva to see if and when some of her innocent girl dresses will rapturously fall to pieces and reveal some Taylor Skin, which I would not recommend holding your breath for, but if you’re in midst of auto-erotic asphyxiation over her pictorial in the upcoming edition of Vogue, okay, you might as well keep holding. Pain is pleasure. Enjoy.

Julie Stegner Drops Her Top for Vogue Magazine


We love it when a solid euro-fashion mag and and even more solid in the hotness department super model get together for a nice topless spread. Such is the case of Bavarian sextastic covergirl Julie Stegner and her pictorial in the current edition of Vogue, which is black and white and topless all over and certainly giving me not one single reason to think about fashion, despite the intent of the spread. Yes, once again, we are reminded that the birthday suit is the far preferable, and highly affordable clothing choice for hot ladies, though they don’t seem to be buying completely into the theory.

Someday, the world will come around to the Egotastic! way of thinking, and what a beautiful day that will be. Enjoy.

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Karlie Kloss Drops Her Top for Vogue Italy Pictorial

Karlie Kloss Topless in Vogue Italy
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If I’ve told you once, I told you twice, hot things come out of the Windy City. They don’t often go back, but they do come out of there. Something about that Lake Michigan water.

We’ve been tracking young model Karlie Kloss now from Chi-town roots for a little while, that while being at least since she became barely legal, which is a good thing because now we can share with you her utterly udderific topless pictorial in next month’s Vogue Italy, where the supremely sextastic, albeit a tad bit skinny (but we have ways of fattening up our favorite ladies). Enjoy.

Candice Swanepoel Steps Out and Steps Up in Vogue Brazil

A different look at our Lady of Swanepoel, with the uber-hot Candice in the Brazil version of Vogue magazine, wherein the Victoria’s Secret model stretches out her wings in much more artsy-style that I’m sure means something to people who love to create magical ‘looks’, but still means something to those of who feel magical when we look at Candice Swanepoel. Any chance to peruse the pages of Candice’s body hotness works for us. It certainly is derivative of the photoshoot I have laid out in a proposal to Candice for over a year now, albeit, my prospective shoot calls for zero clothing, save for a long thin piece of fruit rollup placed discreetly about the snacking areas. Enjoy.