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Farrah Abraham Part 2: Backdoor and More in an Exclusive Sneak Peek (VIDEO)


I know what you're thinking. Boy, that Backdoor Teen Mom sure was groovy family-friendly entertainment. I only wish there was more. Well, you my ferociously fapping friend are in luck! For today we have a sneak peek at the Farrah Abraham adult film sequel, Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, which is an assemblage of previously unseen and rather naughty clips from her first go-round.

Our good friends at Vivid have sneaked us an exclusive peek at Farrah in her banging swing work. The actual film itself is available on Vivid at midnight tonight -- 2/12/14. Sort of like going to see The Hobbit midnight premiere, if the Hobbits had big funbags and were getting desolated by James Deen. Hey, that could happen. Enjoy.

(The good folks at WWTDD should have more Farrah 2 Backdoor and More photos up as well.)

VIEWER WARNING: Tila Tequila Backdoored and Squirting; First Look Preview of the Second Tila Tequila Sex Tape (VIDEO)


Obviously, we cut out the man-peen on our end, because men bore us, while women rule. As to Tila Tequila, we'll let you make the call, but the brand spanking new Tila Tequila sex tape is out and our friends at Vivid prepared a little something special by way of preview for the Egotastic! audience who just happens to like nekkid women, at work, rest, or in this case, play.

This is definitely more 'involved' than Tila's last celebrity sex tape which was mostly her and the gals having play time in Las Vegas. This is more your traditional old-fashioned mom's apple pie making of the sweaty sexy by several means and bodily outlets possible. If you like Tila or sex or naughty bits flopping about like the world was about to end if climax was not achieved, you are likely to be very fond of this work. Naturally, I mostly watch my Wiggles DVDs at home, but I know everybody likes something different in this world.

You can check out the Tila Tequila sex tapes all other Vivid celebrity sex tapes at the Vivid Celebrities online portal, as it were.

Oh, yeah, consider yourself warned and hide the children and all that nonsense. This is how babies are made I think...Enjoy.

Kate Middleton (and Her Dude) Voted Tops in Sex Tape Wish List for 2014

Yeah, I guess they also clicked off for Prince Bill, the royal couple coming out on top in Vivid's annual survey of celebrity couple's people most want to see getting it on in front of the camera. Personally, I'd mix and match any of the girls in the Top 10 (well, top 9) and ogle them going at it with Sapphic flames of desire. Ellen and Portia were the only same  sex couple to make the list and, yeah, the power might suddenly fail in my home theater the date that one plays. No offense to Ellen, naturally, but keep the vests on. All others, skinny dipping in my inflatable pool now please.

According to Vivid and their voters, here's the Top 10 Hottest Couples Sextape Wishlist for 2014:

1. Prince William/Kate Middleton
2. Katy Perry/John Mayer
3. Beyoncé/Jay-Z
4. Kim Kardashian Kanye West
5. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt
6. Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux
7. Mila Kunis/Ashton Kutcher
8. Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake
9. Victoria Beckham/David Beckham
10. Ellen Degeneres/Portia deRossi

You can check out all the current celebrity sex tapes in the Vivid stable HERE. They're up to 18 of them, which seems pretty symbolic.

If You Liked Or Didn’t Like Wolverine, You’ll Love Vivid’s Take on Wolverine (VIDEO)


Actually, they are calling it Wolverine XXX, and I don't think the X's stand for Dr. Xavier. But, considering I was not a huge fan of the recent Marvel take on Wolverine, I forced myself to check out the Vivid parody. And, well, there are lots of costumes, though, they don't stay on for very long. If you happen to like your adult content merged with your fanboy nerd type needs, this is most definitely for you.

Besides the Vivid parody films, don't be the last kid on your block to get the Sydney Leathers, Backdoor Teen Mom and all other Vivid celebrity sex tapes. Seriously, don't be that kid.

Sydney Leathers Sex Tape ‘Weiner and Me’ Is Extremely Pornorific (Not to Mention NSFW) – Exclusive VIDEO


Well, the second shoe has officially dropped. Along with the rest of whatever Sydney Leathers was wearing when she filmed this second part of her Vivid sex tape experience, the first being her touchy feely photoshoot. But, this bit of sextastic pornorific excellence, well this is the stuff Anthony Wiener himself could only have imagined. And I am quite sure he did. Right down to the squeezing, grabbing, and plunging of the Congressional staff into Ms. Leathers. It's quite the thing.

If you happen to love sexting girls from Illinois rising to national infamy, turning that notoriety into both a chance to take down a famous politician AND get shtupped like crazy on film, then you really must get the Sydney Leathers sex tape and all other Vivid celebrity sex tapes to watch for about the price of a Starbuck's tall annoying coffee. Sex tapes always support Fair Trade policies in South America. Enjoy.

Sydney Leathers Topless Showoff Previews Her Self-Pleasuring Sex Tape


As we await the arrival of Sydney Leathers into our own humble abode, we of course had to take a sneaky peek at her fine amateur work for our good friends at Vivid, purveyors of intimate portraits of ladies having a good time. We can see why Sydney Leathers was the greater among equals for Anthony Weiner and his Carlos Danger online persona.

Anthony liked to tell Sydney how nice her chest yams were. Now we finally get to see for ourselves. And, if you avail yourself of a few small bucks to purchase the sex tape, you can see Sydney finger diving into her own feel-good happy times. Submerge. Submerge.

(You can get Sydney Leathers sex tape and all other Vivid celebrity sex tapes to watch for about a buck less than a Carl's Jr. six-dollar burger. Plus, watching Sydney and Farrah and Kim Kardashian getting it on won't give you gas. I love a bargain.)

VIEWER WARNING: Sneak Peek at Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom (VIDEO)


Editor's Note: Okay, you've been warned. While this Exclusive sneak peek for Egotastic! Readers from our friends at Vivid isn't the whole tale, or tail, as it were, there's plenty of NSFW content in this video, so please don't watch it and then get angry and grumpy and send me an angry letter about how you didn't know a movie called Backdoor Teen Mom was going to look like that.

Either way, it's finally here. I feel like we've been waiting for years, but really it's Farrah Abraham who has been waiting for years to have all kinds of sodomy on film, while we've only really been waiting a few weeks since word of her sordid deed with James Deen got leaked. What can i tell you about this tape? Well, take a look, you'll get a solid idea. I'm holding back my official review on Farrah Superstar, Backdoor Teen Mom until Rotten Tomatoes allows true cinema to be reviewed on their site. Enjoy.

For those of you who want to see it all, check out Backdoor Teen Mom and All Vivid Celebrity Sex Tapes