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O Topless Hotties of O Negocio, Just My New Favorite Show

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Assuming for a moment you don’t get HBO Brazil, you’re perhaps missing some of the best topless television in the world. O Negocio, which I’m told roughly translates to The Business, runs on the channel down Sudamericana way and just unfurls in each episode some of the finest funbags on the boob tube anywhere. So, I thought I’d share. The ladies of Season 2 alone are a mouthful and a half. Maybe you could use a hand or something. Just super fine Brazilian thespianic vixens constantly making the sexy for the purpose of advancing the story line.

Take a look and see if you don’t fall in lust as well with this largely unknown HBO number. Enjoy.

Anna Paquin Topless Once More! The Return of True Blood to the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Tasya Teles Topless in Rogue
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Naturally, we eagerly away the day each year now when True Blood returns to HBO and Anna Paquin performs her inevitable, but never to be taken for granted, topless scene in the premiere episode of the supernatural drama. This is the seventh season of the topless popular vampire and werewolf in hot human form show, and Anna has about a dozen skin filled performances to date. Even after babies, she’s climbing right back in the revealing saddle this week.

Joining Anna in the Boob Tube Roundup is Karolina Wydra in an intense topless making of the sexy scene also from the premiere episode of True Blood, Lela Loren and Naturi Naughton getting very bedroom naughty and topless in Power on Starz, and Tasya Tales also making the loud and vigorous whoopie before flashing her outrageously hot topless body in Rogue on DirecTV.  Everybody is doing the wild thing but me! Sad face. Emote. Enjoy.

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Game of Thrones Is Back and Baring Flesh, Along with Shameless and Keri Russell’s Hot Booty in the Boob Tube Roundup

Keri Russell in The Americans
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I will beg your indulgence from the get-go of having neglected to make a rag tag video again this week. Any weekend with lots of sports is simply killing my productivity. It’s bad enough somebody went and invented beer like four hundred or a million years ago. Now omnipresent sports streaming on every single device in the home, office, and pocket. How is any man to be productive?

Nevertheless, there was some noteworthy nekkidness on the small screen this weekend, most notably with the return of Game of Thrones, Season Four, and all the beautiful female bared bodies that comes with, including Josephine Gillan and some other babes in a splendid brothel scene. Joining GOT was some topless splendor in the fiendishly funny Shameless and a nice view of Keri Russell booty and bra in The Americans. I’d call it a nice weekend for the women of the boob tube. Check them out. And, enjoy.

Lena Dunham Is Way Topless and Emoting Again in This Week’s Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Ivana Milicevic and Trieste Kelly Dunn in Banshee
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I’m not exactly sure what to make of Lena Dunham in Girls. On one hand, yeah, um, you know. On the other hand, here’s a 20-something famous woman who is writing herself into tons of nekkid sex scenes on her own show. It could have been so perfect and laudable if only, um, you know. I’ll say this, I am forced to admire the principle behind these exhibitionism. It’s just that, well, you know.

Joining Lena Dunham in this week’s Boob Tube Roundup is the fine topless body of Ivana Milcevic in the skintastic Banshee on Starz. Trieste Kelly Dunn also makes an appearance with her excited nipples poking out readily from beneath a white tank. All in all, an interesting Roundup to say the least. Check it out, but please don’t get angry at me. I may look like the mighty oak, but emotionally I’m the sensitive flower. Blow gently. Enjoy.

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Keri Russell Naughty Goodness and Lili Simmons Hotness Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Dawn Olivieri Topless in House Of Lies
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There wasn’t a ton of nekkidness on the small screen this past week, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a bushel full of celebrity hotness, and, yes, a peek of some pleasant bare peaks as well.

Keri Russell owns the Boob Tube Roundup with her return in the saucy sextastic The Americans for the second season, kicking off the opener with some genuinely hot maneuvers onscreen. Keri was joined by the up and coming majestic young hottie Lili Simmons in her bra on Banshee, Dawn Olivieri flashing her sweet yams in House of Lies, and Louise Barnes making another display of the boobtastic in the pirate themed Black Sails on Starz. Quite a showing really for an off-week and most definitely a must-see. Enjoy.

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Lili Simmons and Arielle Kebbel Topless Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Lili Simmons in Banshee
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Talk about your double turns and hidden karmic gems, just as I was about to lament only seeing the gloriously hot young Lili Simmons in some stellar bikini cuts in Banshee on Cinemax, along comes Lili in sextastic scene turn in True Detectives showing off the full extent of her funbag and hot bodied goodness. A double dose of Lili is just what the doctor ordered. If you’ve got a good doctor that is.

Add to that a rather lovely brief but topless catch of Arielle Kebbel skinny dipping in the Amazon pilot show The After and you have one definitely must-see Boob Tube Roundup. Bless you, small screen genies. Enjoy.

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Katrina Bowden Bare Wet Asstastic, Paz De La Huerta Nekkid, Hannah New Topless Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Katrina Bowden Covered Topless in Nurse 3D
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Wow, indeed. I mean, I’m assuming your wow and then I’m seconding it, on behalf of this week’s Boob Tube Roundup which contains a near record level of boobtastic, asstastic, and some lady nest thrown in for good and healthy measure. It all starts with Paz de la Huerta and Katrina Bowden in Nurse 3D which just came out on iTunes this past Friday. Paz seems to be topless or nekkid pretty much half of the film, as she describes various lovemaking sessions with blonde hottie Katrina Bowden who offers up her bare booty in one epic shower reveal. Now, you can wow.

Adding go the BTR is the ever-hot Ivana Milicevic in her own shower scenes in Banshee on Cinemax, David Mamet’s daughter Zosia Mamet bent-over in Girls on HBO, my new favorite blonde Hannah New flashing her nubes in Black Sails on Starz, and Gabby Hoffmann and cohorts getting their clothe off in the new Amazon series Transparent. Yep, Amazon, didn’t see that coming, did you? Check them all out, savor your wow, and enjoy.

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