The Canyons

Tenille Houston Cleavy and Proud at ‘The Canyons’ Premiere

Tenille Houston plays opposite Lindsay Lohan as the hot bodied second girl in the cinematic masterpiece that is The Canyons. I respect the fact that Tenille is not only standing by this film, she’s standing by with an ample amount of preview cleavage of the actual topless boobtastic she reveals heartily in the film.

I’ve done some shitty work in my day, in fact, I add to that list daily. The important thing is to own it, with big funbags whenever possible. Really, who’s going to rip on your movie when you’re hot and have major league chest puppies? Not I. Tenille, call me, I loved your work. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan and Tenille Houston Topless Redux from ‘The Canyons’ (VIDEO)

Tenille Houston Topless Caps from The Canyons
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Oh, you wanted to see more of Lindsay Lohan topless in The Canyons? I mean, I’m asking on your behalf. Also that hottie blonde Tenille Houston who is the fourth part of the way-too-dud-junk heavy love square in the movie? Sure, why not. I mean, there’s a good chance you’re not going to actually fully witness The Canyons, so why not see the best parts right here.

Nevertheless, here’s a quickie review from EgoReader ‘Richard’ who forced himself to pay for the privilege of watching The Canyons:

Watched the Canyons last night and had to FF through parts. Bad acting, poor script and PG-13 on the nudity. You showed all there was to see with your pictures. Unless they come out with an uncut version. Blah!
And LL has a nice pot belly and a smokers voice now.

Sounds like somebody loved a certain movie! Enjoy.
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Lindsay Lohan Topless Flowing Funbags in ‘The Canyons’

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Well, today is the day. Lindsay Lohan topless, like you’ve never seen her before. I mean, you’ve seen her topless before in Playboy and that was kinda sorta her, and we’ve had the various wardrobe malfunctions through the years, and there have been some artsy photoshoots for magazines, but I guess this is the first real fully topless in a craptastic indie film ogling opportunity for Lindsay, in between her rehab stints.

There were many stories out about production nightmares during the making of The Canyons, and many more problems with critics who got an early glimpse of the film mostly feeling like vomiting inside their brains, but, either way now, the movie is in the cinesphere officially, as are Lindsay’s luscious big chest puppies.

Lindsay was once a beautiful young woman. That seems so long ago. As we reminisce, why not look at her floppers in The Canyons as a little mammarial tribute. Enjoy.

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Lindsay Lohan Stars in ‘The Canyons’; Worst Trailer Ever or Doesn’t Matter Because She’s Going to Be Topless? (VIDEO)

There Will Be Boobs!

Well, for us here, it does not matter. With near confirmation that Lindsay Lohan will be topless in the upcoming Paul Schrader indie film, The Canyons, we’ll be seeing it one way or another. But, between this past summer’s trailer which showed nothing of the film, and this blurry, out of focus, shaky 8mm looking handheld, it’s hard to say what this movie will even be. Could be a total eff u by the filmmaker to completely throw off forecasts, or, the film could be just that bizarre.

Just so long as they don’t cut Lindsay’s topless scene, we’ll likely give it a begrudging thumbs up in the very least. Enjoy.