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Did Beyonce Slip Some Nip at The Super Bowl Halftime Show? (VIDEO)

To Nip or Not to Nip?

First, thanks to a million and one of you who sent us this clip purportedly showing the Beyonce nipple slip at The Super Bowl Halftime Show. We remain somewhat unconvinced I must say, most likely due to some kind of nipple covering likely placed over the MILFtastic bosom of the very hot looking Beyonce. But, we are merely dirty old men with 40-30 vision on a good day. So, you be the judge.

Beyonce Halftime Show: Nip Slip or Merely Staged Trickery?

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Beyonce Doesn’t Quite Slip, But Shines Sextastic at Super Bowl Halftime

Like I said when the whole Beyonce inaugural lip-synching controversy broke — who cares. Let’s be honest, like the music or not, Beyonce looked effin’ hot last night at the half time show of The Super Bowl, flashing her newly yoked MILFtastic body, and wearing an outfit that many people were certain was flashing her headlights, though we remain fairly convinced she was wearing some headlight covers in the least. Nevertheless, that couldn’t entirely take away from just how silky curvy smooth the alluring diva with the killer body looked as she reunited with her Destiny’s Child pals, what’s her name and the other one.

Yes, Beyonce is back. Back in our ‘man I’d like to explore that curvy body inch by inch’ naughty minds. Back where she belongs. Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli Makes Out With the Luckiest Nerd in the World for GoDaddy Super Bowl Teaser (VIDEO)

The World's Luckiest Bastard!

You know makes a big splash with flash and hot bodies every Super Bowl ad season. They may just have topped themselves.

Talk about your ultimate nerd fantasies. Watch as Bar Refaeli, the belusted Israeli supermodel and fan favorite on Egotastic!, swaps spit with ‘Walter’ the world’s luckiest bastard, in GoDaddy’s ‘Perfect Match’ teaser spot for the Super Bowl.

I’m just so effin’ jealous!

The Pro Bowl is Back?

When the news broke some time ago that the NFL was considering putting a merciful end to the woeful AFC-NFC Pro Bowl there was not much of an argument raised against the idea.

Let’s face it–the game sucks. Some players have been fond of the event (a free trip to Hawaii) while others could not be bothered to attend if their lives depended on it. Therein lies the problem. The best of the best get voted in, but rarely end up playing making it more of a mediocre event rather than an all-star one.


The New York Giants Super Bowl Ring is a Thing of Beauty

The New York Giants have revealed their newest Super Bowl ring, and it really is quite a design. I really like the four Super Bowl trophies built into the face of the ring.

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The top of the ring includes several impressive features.  It is covered in round brilliant diamonds that are pave set.  There are four Vince Lombardi trophies, commemorating the four Giants’ Super Bowl wins, and each set with a marquis diamond representing the football. The trophies surround the Giants’ iconic NY logo, which is set with round brilliant diamonds on an outline of blue enamel.  The top of the ring also includes 37 blue sapphires channel set on the outer bezel. The text around the bezel reads “2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS NEW YORK GIANTS.”

The Giants players also had input on the rings, which were designed by Tiffany & Co.