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Ireland Baldwin and Kate Upton Cleavage Battle at S.I. Swimsuit Party (While Christie Brinkley Just Looks Amazing)

Wow, could it be that Ireland Baldwin out-cleavaged Kate Upton at a public event? It would be earth shattering news, and I’m not sure that is even humanly possible, but Ireland Baldwin certainly showed up proud and chest-showy to the Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversay party, taking on Kate Upton at her own game, albeit, in a dress Kate could probably not survive without an R-rating herself due to funbag gravitational pull.

Both sextastic young ladies looked outrageously hot at the event, while a woman old enough to easily be their mom, Christie Brinkley, nearly stole the entire event with her age-defying alluring blonde charms. I’m not exactly sure how she does it, but she done did it, and stood alongside Ireland and Kate and still getting just as many leers and lecherous looks. Just one smoking evening with three ladies I’d love to play strip ping-pong with, that is my natural sport. Enjoy.

Xenia Deli Bikini Pictures for See-Through Moldovan Hottie Lust

Well, hello there sexy Moldovan girlfriend.

We continue to maintain that Xenia Deli is the single hottest woman from the former Soviet state of Moldova, and her new bikini pictures in Sports Illustrated South Africa are not likely to change our opinion on that matter.

The brooding sextastic brunette puts on one hell of a hot body show in various wet see-through tops and bikinis, flashing an internationally acclaimed wicked hot female form, and some come hither eyes that have us wanting to come hither all over Xenia. Hey, don’t hate us for being honest. Just one ridiculously hot woman. Enjoy.

Simone De Kock Bikini Pictures Complete the South Africa Sports Illustrated New Model Search

Now, we have no idea if South African hottie model Simone De Kock is related to Belgian beauty Veronique De Kock who we’ve seen topless previously on this site, but, we know we’d like to be related to Simone in very earnest and carnal way.

The young hot-bodied brunette was this year’s winner of the South African Sports Illustrated New Model Search, and, might we just takes a minute to applaud SI’s decision making process on Simone. Check out her glorious pictorial in the hot bodied women, err, sports, magazine and see if you don’t agree with the selection. Enjoy.

See the Video Where Simone Is Named the Winner »