Seven Psychopaths

Enter The Kitty: ‘Seven Psychopaths’ Parody Trailer Features Christophen Walken, Colin Farrell and Many Cats (VIDEO)


As if the trailer for the upcoming Seven Psychopaths wasn’t awesome enough, here comes the kitty-based edition.

In a parody trailer posted Monday, the Martin McDonagh’s bloody-good-time flick gets the feline treatment, with Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Olga Kurylenko and Tom Waits playing their cat counterparts.  Psychocats defies description with the mere English language, so check it out for yourself.

Watch the original trailer above, and then for comparison, the original clip below. Seven Psychopaths opens nationwide on October 12th. Read more… »

‘Hot Stew’ on Egotastic! Features What’s Stewing Kieron Elliott and Jasmine Waltz

What's Stewing Ian and Jasmine?

You know we can’t get enough excuses to invite hot girls to our studio to watch them do, well, watch them do anything. So we rang up naughty Hollywood brunette Jasmine Waltz, who we’ve respected ever since she bopped Lindsay Lohan in the kisser, and we paired her up with Kieron Elliott, the ever-impassioned Scotsman from our own Is It Manly program, and we asked them to rant about what’s stewing them today. Oh, man, we got an earful, and with such rude language, our cheeks blushed (though that could also be related to National Vodka Day).

Check out the innaugural edition of Hot Stew on Egotastic!, sponsored by the the Colin Farrell and Chrisopher Walken oddball comedy, Seven Psychopaths, opening in theaters this Friday, October 12th.

New PSA from the ‘Seven Psychopaths’ Viral Campaign Isn’t About to Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (VIDEO)

Seven Psychopaths Viral
Find Bonny, Save America

Charlie Costello loves his cuddly Shih Tzu named Bonny. He also happens to be one of the Seven Psychopaths who’ll be turning your world upside down this October 12th when it hits theaters. In case you need any more insensitive to go see it, Bond girl Olga Kurylenko also happens to star in this movie.

The viral campaign that was launched a couple of weeks ago is still going on and things are heating up in more ways than one. Costello, who’s played by Woody Harrelson, still hasn’t found his dog and he’s getting pissed. He’s made that much clear in his tweets on @PsychoCostello, where he’s asking people to help him find Bonny and watch a new PSA that he made that links his dog’s disappearance and all of America’s problems.

High unemployment rates? The bad economy? Rising temperatures? Blame it all on the guy who took Bonny.