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READER FINDS: Miranda Kerr Topless, Joey Fisher Topless, Kylie Minogue Topless, All Double Wows, And Much Much More…

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Indeed, we have reached that beloved day of the week when we ring the bells, bang the gongs, and turn on the AC/DC theme music for the opening of the weekly Reader Finds email bag. It’s hard to imagine there once was a time when such goodies were delivered by Mr. Shankantovich, the guy who pretended to be a member of the U.S. post office for years until we realized he was just stealing our mail and re-delivering it to us and asking for tips. Silly man. He made a bundle.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the blessedly hot and much missed Brooklyn Decker and her stellar bikini body (thanks to EgoReader ‘Genuine’), Miranda Kerr nekkid classic modeling in black and white (rich funbag classics from ‘Rich R.’), Camilla Luddington bikini candid (much two piece goodness from ‘Billy’), Cindy Morgan and her classic perfect ta’s from Caddyshack (a throwback delight via ‘Epison’), pierced model Daisy Hoffstetter and her sweet boobtastic, Eniko Mihalik mind numbing mammaries, and Michelle Rodriguez see-through on the red carpet (contributing prodigiously by ‘David M.’), underrated 80′s sweetie Darlanne Fluegel skinematics (put forth by ‘Peter O.’), Daryl Hannah another righteous 80′s screen cockle warmer and Diane Franklin rich ripe peaches to boot (double kindly contributed by ‘Stephen W.’), Joey Fisher topless lapdancing in Anarchy Parlor (munchables from heaven via ‘Scott’), Kendall Jenner bikini crotchety frames from vine vid (caught eagle eyed by ‘Coolio’), and sister Kylie Jenner hint o’ nipple piercing (scouted expertly by ‘Eli’ and ‘Matthew’), Kylie Minogue topless in classic skinematics (oh, my Kylie melons, kudos to ‘Evan A.’), Linda Blair topless goodies as well (throwdown of the perfect classic film ta-ta’s by ‘Devon’), which leads to Melanie Griffith and her sweet reveals (dazzling, just dazzling duets via ‘Jiminy’), Noomi Rapace and Lena Endre lesbionic topless romantics (sweet girl girl ta-ta wonderments provided by ‘Renee’), Sophie Marceau and her perfect French twins (oh, this is quite a sight, thanks ‘Anton’), and last but not least, another day, another concert by Tove Lo flashing her Nordic boobtastic for peace and freedom (submitted thoughtfully by a number of Egotastic! readers). I dare you to work your way through here and not fall deeply and madly in lust. I double dare you. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Tove Lo Bares Her Funbag, Shanina Shaik Nip Slip, Rachel Mortenson Cleavtastic, and Much Much More…

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Hey, kids, what time is it? Only Uncle Bill’s favorite time of the week. When I don my hypoallergenic latex gloves and extra from our velveteen satchel the tidings of this past week, transmitted by you to me for you. You may sigh when seeing monkeys raising abandoned kittens on the Internet, I sigh at the benevolent gesture of nature’s human denizen sharing wonderments of the world’s most beautiful women, past and present, in various state of undress. To each their own. Though I suppose you could revel in both, I’d just keep the monkey cat thing quiet.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Shanina Shaik slipping nip in GQ Italy (thank you kindly EgoReader ‘Detente’), Cailin Russo topless and bare bottom goodness in just a towel (niceties provided by ‘Ben A.’), Cecelia Rodriguez topless sultry in calendar form (muchas gracias para Cecelia goes out to ‘Raymond’), Genevieve Picot in topless Euro skinematics (kudos to ‘Aria’), Imogen Poots underrated blonde hotness in Elle Belgium (wondrous find by ‘Devon’), Kate Mara intoxicatingly cleavetastic for Glamour (love me some Kate M., thanks ‘Robert L.’), Marjorie Levesque wicked hot and quite nearly topless (tossed into the octagon by ‘Stevie’), Nathalie Emmanuelle booty show on the small screen (oh, cheeks of heaven via ‘Dezzy’), thespianic Nicole Fox baring boobtastic for the sake of the script (Fox’s peaches courtesy of ‘Elena W.’), Rachel Mortenenson sideboob and cleavetastc hotness (Rachel is super fine, and ‘Yorell’ is super kind for sharing), odd but brave Tilda Swinton topless skinematics (thank you much muchly to ‘Aaron’), Toni Collette also dramatically topless (boobs of a feather, via ‘David R.’), Indonesian-American model Charlotte Carey topless and Katrina Elizabeth tennis tubes bared and Sophie Marceau nipple-licious peek (provided forthright by ‘David M.’), underrated hottie Madeleine Stowe topless in a classic (loved me some Maddy, thanks ‘Pinto’), Rachel Korine topless direction from her filmmaking husband (adored me those Springbreakers, kudos to ‘Anthony’), pop star Tove Lo flashing her bare breast in support of the nipple at Rock ‘N Rio in Vegas (much thanks to a ton of you who saw this blessed boob), and last, but not least, 80′s sextastic icon Bo Derek flashing her Funions in one of her memorably faptastic film roles (well done, ‘Terry T.’). It’s a lot, but a lot is so much better than a little in the world of never enough. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Anna Paquin Unfettered Funbags, Christina Ricci Topless, Pamela Anderson Bare Boobtasitc, and Much Much More…

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And hello to you Egotastic! email bag with your pleasures tucked ever so neatly inside. Once I get passed the Nigerian diamond mining opportunities, I am immediately delving into the more legitimate rewards of the celebrity skin inside. How we come together each Friday, man, woman, and child above eighteen to share in our earthly goods and greats of fine female celebrity forms, past, present, and quite the shining future.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Anna Paquin and her full frontal funbags (thanks to EgoReader ‘Quinn”), Thandie Newton all skinny and unclad in her 90′s skinematics (Thandie’s candies courtesy of ‘Bill A.’), Tereza Srbova sextastic topless (an Eastern promise indeed, kudos ‘Mark’), a true throwback classic to Sylvia Kristel in one of the greatest film series ever (memories of euro-mammaries via ‘Evan K.’), Rebekah Underhill nekkid flexi-modeling (uniquely clothes free hotness from ‘David M.’), a double heaping scoops of Pamela Anderson topless (she deserved an Oscar!, thanks ‘Penny’), Jane March in even more throwback ta-ta’s (welcome hotness from ‘Kent’), Halle Berry topless making the sexy (these happy mammaries come to us from ‘Rich’), Diane Lane and her sweet bare peaches (‘David E.’ knows my precise weak spots), Christina Ricci in one of rare topless treat reveals (bouncy flouncy goodness via ‘Peter Y.’), Cassie Ventura nipslips galore for Diddy (she is bold, beautiful, and nipple hot, thanks ‘Devon’), Astrid-Berges Frisbey topless in skinematics Frenchy style (love me my Frisbey funbags, thanks ‘Tino’), and last, but heavens not least, the cute hot Anthea Page modeling bikinis in ooh la la style (oh, to be in the pool with Anthea, bless you ‘Cooper’).

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READER FINDS: Emily Ratajkowski Topless, Kendall Jenner Nip Slip, Jehane Gigi Paris Topless and Much Much More…

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Oh, holy Friday. Most blessed of the days named after the gods I can’t remember. You tease us with the anticipation of the weekend, yet, you are technically a work day and also the most common day for me to be fired based on my work history. Huh. I hadn’t thought of that before. Nevertheless, nothing can reduce the glow I feel merely circling the Reader Finds email bag each week. That blessed velvet satchel of celebrity skin goodness just waiting to be unveiled. It’s part skin-filled goodness, part joy of giving. Something sacred, something profane.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Cara Delevingne in nothing but a towel (thank you kindly to EgoReader ‘Zed’), Andrea Lowell topelss in skinematic excellence (much kudos to ‘Jayne’), Carmen Electra pokey and topless onscreen (Carmen in prime form via ‘Owen’), Charlotte McKinney major league curves (wowzers provided by ‘Dennis E.’), a double dose of super hottie Cora Keegan (double lust filled by ‘Emmet’), a purported picture of Emily Ratajkowski topless (from our good buddy ‘Anon’), boobtastic faptastic Helen Flanagan in a bikini top (lovely lusciousness from ‘Stephen T.’), Jehane Paris topless goodness (dedicatedly dropped off by ‘Bob J.’), a young Jennifer Jason Leigh quite topless (throwback funbags via ‘Hampton’), Kate Compton and Yara Khmidan topless modeling pics (spotted by ‘Wheels’), Kate Winslet topless in early film role (double blessings from ‘Mikey’), Kendall Jenner nip slip from GQ (caught by too many of you to count, thanks all), Linda Hamilton topless during her Terminator days (sights provided by ‘Daryn’), a double dose of Mary Steenburgen without clothes (strange but sweet pics via ‘Desmond’), Miranda Kerr arm bra goodness (hottie alert caused by ‘David’), Nikki Cox self-shared cleave (thank you kindly to ‘Sage’), Nina Agdal bikini shots for SI (Danish wonderments via ‘Allie’), Rita Ora nip slip peeks (from the mind of another ‘Bill’), Sherilyn Fenn in and out of a bikini (wonders of the past so sweet from ‘Travis’), and Tinashe nip slip in concert (dropped off by ‘Doo Doo’). It’s a handful of hotness. Two scoops. Use all limbs available. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Charli XCX See Through No Bra, Charlize Theron Topless, Elizabeth Olsen Hotness, and Much Much More…

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Happy days are here again. Or the happiest of days. Fridays. When I insert my retractable claw hand into the Reader Finds email bag and find what bits of skin-filled goodies all of you have submitted in this past week. I feel like Satan reaching into his bag of souls to see which politician he pulls out. Only, my bag has even more boobs than his.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Charli XCX in a revealing boobtastic top (thank you to EgoReader ‘Joseph H.’), Alyssa Milano in one of her classic topless skinematics (blessings of ta-ta’s from ‘Elsinore’), Maude Hirst and Alyssa Sunderland in the lovely short lived Vikings (Nordic takk to ‘Stephen’), Charlize Theron topless in Reindeer Games (oh, I remember, via ‘Rony E.’), Elizabeth Olsen delightfully hot cleavage (shoop shoop submitted by ‘Benny’), Gisele Bundchen young see-through top modeling, maybe slightly altered (lovely leers via ‘Bill’), Jordana Brewster bikini goodnes on the silver screen (kindly gifted by ‘Bono’), Julian Wells topless perfection in Entourage (a visual goody from ‘Amanda’), Kendall Jenner near nip slips in her GQ shoot (angled in by ‘Anon’), Krista Allen double D’s in a double dose of skinematics (seismic shifts from ‘Owen’), Lauren Hays lovely topless onscreen (kudos to ‘Kenneth’), Mai Ping Guo who we saw in a bikini this week now quite nekkid (lovely discovery by ‘Reg W.’), Olivia Wilde thong peek on Instagram (much ado about thongs from ‘Ed’), and Zia Gorog wicked hot body in Playboy (added to the archives by ‘David M.’). If you can’t handle it, just take a nap right now off to the side. The adventurous among us are coming through to reap the visual harvest. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Charlotte McKinney Busty Yachts, Ashley Greene And Kate Hudson Pokies, Adrianne Palicki Topless, and Much Much More…

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My most blessed of Fridays. The final day of the not all that long of a week where we make solid excuses for outlandish behavior. I can’t think of a better process to celebrate. Such as we do here in the penthouse basement offices at Egotastic, each week opening up the cavernous reader email bag, throwing in the trained monkey, Mr. Four Loko, and waiting to see what treasures he returns with in his rabies frothing mouth. It’s a tradition like none other.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Charlotte McKinney boobtastic on a boat (thank you to EgoReader ‘Denny’), Adrianne Palicki topless for FHM (an oldie but such a double goodies via ‘Kent W.’), Ageyness Deyn toplees skinematics (little lovelies courtesy of ‘Rachel A.’), Anne Hathaway tighty whitey pokies for karaoke (spiked up by ‘Matt’), a busty candid of Ariel Winter in front of Mickey D’s Coachella (bosom bounced in by ‘James’), Ashley Greene cleavage and butt madness in The Apparition (whoa, hot body masterpieces, thanks ‘Owen’), Caitlin Folley topless in SxTape (lovely blonde udders from ‘Stephen T.’), Elsa Pataky sweet and lovely teats (oh, wow and thanks to ‘Benjie’), Emily Bergl of current Shameless fame topless in film back in the day (lovely lass peaches, via ‘Desmond’), indie queen Greta Gerwig flashing her Funions (lovely peeks delivered by ‘David’), hotness Hannah Kelsey topless in Supermodel mag (epic body shots submitted by ‘Danny C.’), Jennifer Lawrence nightgown cleavage in the recent Serena (this movie came and went, as would by my plan with Jennifer in person, kudos to ‘Juancy’), Kate Hudson and Ashley Greene double dipping pokies (skinematic nips sent over by ‘Arnoldo), Keira Knightley topless peaches (always a swell sight, via ‘Steve’), Kim Cattrall lovely udders throwback style (mmm, blondes have more funbags, thanks ‘Rippen’), Rebecca Hall topless in rare blessing (brunette goodness tossed into the ring by ‘Terry U.’), Rihanna peeks into top in her music video (promoted by ‘Apollon A.’), Ronda Rousey showy sexy (please, armbar me, via ‘Tony Tom’), and last, but not the bit least, the dedicated to onscreen naked Theresa Russell flashing bare yums and buns (submitted thoughtfully by ‘Les’). I kind of have to double dog dare you to check out this entire library of sextastic celebrity goodness. Become inspired. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Kelly Brook Purported Nekkid Selfie, Chloe Sevigny Topless, Charlotte McKinney Crazy Hot Funbags, and Much Much More…

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I feel ever so blessed to get to close out our week of wanton ogling with a peek inside the silk-lined reader email bag of goodness. I can hear the angels sing as pull back the goldenrod strings and unveil the majesty of celebrity skin within. It’s possible that’s just what’s left of my Spotify playlist as all the other music has been deleted by license holders. Still, when a cherub wails, you know something special is about to reveal itself. Indeed it has.

This week’s Reader Finds include Laura Wiggins in her shameless Shameless topless moments so mammary-able (thank to EgoReader ‘Conte’), the blessedly bare topped women of Van Wilder: Freshman Year (skinematics courtesy of ‘Daniel’), Tokyo Drift’s Nathalie Kelley topless in the wild (kind visual blessings from ‘Sumit’), Nathalie Edenburg topless in black and white and color (so hot, kudos to ‘Stephen B.’), Kristi Somers, Cynthia Thompson and Betsy Russell topless in Tomboy (an 80′s ta-ta blast from ‘Owen’), a purported topless selfie of Kelly Brook (thanks to many of you who sent this in for show and tell, no idea if it’s verified), a trio of topless goodness of angelic Keeley Hazell (that’s devotion from ‘Darren’), Julie Gayet topless on the silver screen (lovely lustables via ‘Francis E.’),  Chloe Sevigny model topless from about a decade ago (new one for this here rodeo, thanks ‘Evan’), Charlotte McKinney in one beautiful busty photoshoot (wowzers provided by ‘Aaron W.’), Bar Refaeli showy top modeling (a prize piece from ‘Bill P.’), gloriously gifted Ava Fabian in Ski School (ooh la la ta-ta delivered by ‘Rachel’), Amber Heard bikini body onscreen (one fine two piece hotness via ‘Theo’), and Alexandra Breckenridge topless in her forever memorable vampire scene (thumbs up for teats to ‘Shoreline’). It’s a big plate of sextastic today, but I know I’ve trained you well for this mission. Enjoy.

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