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Brittany Brousseau Nothing But Heels For Playboy!

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One of those titles that never goes out of style is Playmate of the Month. Playmate is kind of like doctor or MVP or video arcade operator, just one of those titles that connotes meaningful accomplishment and stature. Take for instance Brittany Brousseau, the latest and greatest Playboy Playmate of the Month. Brittany is exuding stature all over the place, especially in those heels and not much else but her quite accomplished and bodacious body. I backed into that like I wish Brittany would back into me. That’s not polite to say, but honesty remains the best policy.

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To celebrate Brittany’s crowning bodily achievement and that absolutely killer body, our friends at Playboy are offering a super special pricing plan of just $5.83 a month for an annual subscription to PlayboyPlus, where you might partake in countless thousands of galleries and videos of the very best of Playboy, past, present, and future. I can’t possibly explain to you how much more joy you will experience from a month of PlayboyPlus than a similar costing 6-inch meatball sub combo at Subway, only that I ought mention that’s not real meat. Sorry, Jared. Check in with PlayboyPlus. Enjoy.

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Gia Genevieve Sultry Topless Perfection in Playboy

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I kind of became enamored of the photoshoot we shared last week of beautiful bombshell Gia Genevieve baring skin, so I just had to ask the good folks at PlayboyPlus if we could take a peek at her cover shoot photo for the magazine. Because, you know, we like a girls. A lot. They obliged and the results are rather faptastic. Wow, those funbags need to be cast in bronze for eternity, or just my grabby hands for five minutes, whichever seems more suitable. Just simply perfect. Quite the memorable shoot.

Get PlayboyPlus for Just $5.83 a Month for Annual Subscription!

I have Facebook so I know how many people find visual splendor in waterfalls and strange vacation homes and miniature donkeys, but for me, the most stunning life changing and mind altering images remain that of crazy hot nekkid women put on this planet by super intelligent friendly aliens in order to see us smile. I think that’s how it happens. Thank you, friendly aliens. This one is absolutely phenomenal. Enjoy.

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Lindsey Pelas Topless Full Frontal Goodness (With an Early Easter Offering from Playboy Plus)

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After seeing Lindsey Pelas in her see-through bouncy run through the park, you know I just had to share the source of that blessed bounce with all of you, with a big kudos to our bare ta-ta loving friends at PlayboyPlus. Before Lindsey was a commando jogger, she was a bare model for the bunny magazine. Bare and boobtastic and simply a nice slice of heaven in blonde form.

Playboy Plus is also offering an early bird EASTER BUNNY SIGN UP SPECIAL. You know it’s a big holiday for the folks at Playboy and their offering a special deal that you won’t be finding in any hidden eggs come the real Sunday. Move quick before all the rabbit eared hottie have been taken. Enjoy those Pelas!

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Anna Sophia Berglund Topless Opera Dramatic for Playboy

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We saw Anna Sophia Berglund earlier today in her bikini along the beach, so let’s play my most favorite game in the history of games involving funbags and take a look at Anna Sophie Berglund from her Playboy Playmate pictorial where she showed even more of that heavenly body. Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus we can sneak a peek at the blonde bombshell in all of her birthday suit splendid. I think she’s homaging Phantom of the Opera which works out well for me because it’s one of the four musicals I can probably name if waterboarded and forced to do so. Also, she’s wicked hot.


Sometimes I look at women so beautiful and I begin to cry. I like to think it’s me becoming more in touch with my feminine emotional side. But mostly it’s just from being beyond horny and not knowing exactly how to express myself. I go with the former when explaining to other girls why it’s happening. Then they want to mother me, at least until they start noticing what I’m leering at on my screen. Life is so complicated. Sextastic women even more so. Enjoy.

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Kayslee Collins Topless and Outright Nekkid Hot for Playboy Playmate Spread

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Could this be the culmination of my new found lust for Kayslee Collins, the blonde hottie former Disney teen actor turned musicians turned faptastic funbag model? I sure hope not. I want this train ride to go on forever.


The incredibly alluring California girl blonde takes it off, all off, for the traditionally luxurious and silky Playboy Playmate pictorial representing February 2015, a good month and it hasn’t even started yet. I really was somewhat surprised to hear she’d posed for the bunny magazine, now I’m quite a bit more catatonic. A happier version of surprised. I mean, just look at this sextastic wonder. She’s a gift from somebody who really really likes us.

To celebrate Kayslee quite nekkid in Playboy, our good friends at PlayboyPlus are offering their Playboy.TV most excellent online video channel for ONE WEEK FREE to test out checking out girls like Kayslee getting fun, frisky, and quite nicely occasionally lesbionic. You really should consider adding it to your regular entertainment viewing. Life will become some percentage better. Enjoy.

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Sophie Monk Naked In Playboy? Okay, I Can Do That

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At least one superfan of Egotastic! got his male panties in a bunch about us omitting super fine Down Under models and actress Sophie Monk from our archive of Bunny magazine favorites. You know I’m more sensitive than a teen girl experiencing puberty in an all male household, so I hereby bequeath to that fine fellow the perfect female form of Sophie Monk thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus.

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Sophie isn’t just another great looking Australian blonde with killer eyes and even more dangerous sweet pies. She’s one of the elites. The cream of the sextastic crop of Southern Hemispheric babes who put shrimps on the barbie and have contagious laughs. I could be happy with a woman like Sophie Monk keeping my bed warm, even if that was by means of petrol and a match after she discovers I spent the evening with Elle Macpherson. Dare to dream big, you might just land somewhere decently obscene. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Topless Marilyn Portrait, We Got Your Playboy Lindsay Lohan Topless Marilyns (And a Free Week of Playboy.TV)

Lindsay Lohan Poses Topless as Marilyn Monroe for Playboy
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Lindsay Lohan obviously has an affinity for Marilyn Monroe. Not so unusual. But to the point she recently commissioned a London artist to paint her as iconic Marilyn in the flesh for her own private collection of oil selfies I suppose (see below). We first saw Lindsay make a big splash as Marilyn topless a couples years back now in Playboy Magazine, her first real glamour shoot, not to mention a very solid paycheck.

Playboy.TV for Free for One Week! (Warning NSFW: Clicking Will Take You To Hot Nekkid Women Folk Being Naughty)

To celebrate Lindsay’s love of Marilyn and her own funbags, our friends at Playboy are offering a One Week Free Trial to Playboy.TV. Free is slightly less than Lindsay paid for her nekkid portrait, though about what she paid to share it on Twitter. Playboy.TV also offers 50,000 hours of HD video, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t come with a street artist portrait. You could do worse, much worse, than spending a free week checking out Playboy.TV.  It’s like buying Halloween candy, only you can consume it endlessly and only feel better as you do. Enjoy.