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Hayden Panettiere Delivers Petite Girl Passion for Nylon Magazine

What is it about little Hayden Panettiere that drives so many of you admirers into fits of private-time passion? I get it, but I must admit, I don’t get it as fervently as some of you always writing letters or penning poems or cutting off your years and such in hopes of seeing more, much more, of this little blonde minx.

Featured in the March edition of Nylon magazine, Hayden puts on a visual display intended primarily for the fairer sex, but a bit of optical wonderment that even the hirsute set can fully embrace and imagine being the guy who got to help Hayden change into her various wardrobe shoots.

Hayden Panettiere has something going on, indeed. And that something is driving many of you quite insane. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Smoking Hot Behind the Scenes of Her Nylon Magazine Photoshoot

We saw it coming. Selena Gomez finally dumped her teen lesbian anchor and suddenly she’s blossoming like she’s the first bloom in the garden of the sextastic. Just looking amazing, in shoot after shoot, appearance after appearance, and entirely not level of hotness and attraction that we didn’t think possible from our little Latina love. But it’s most definitely game on.

In this look behind the scenes of her Nylon magazine photoshoot, Selena Gomez shows that she’ not just growing hotter, she’s growing up, into a very fine looking petite woman. An object d’ lust that will linger in our hearts and loins for some time to come. And all it took was a break from The Devil’s Midget, which any exorcist survivor can probably tell you is more difficult that it appears on paper. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez’ Massive Mammary Mystery Friend Unveiled: Haley King

We love our readers, the most educated entertainment site viewers on the entire web, statistically speaking, and nothing if not helpful in tracking down the name behind the big funbags.

Earlier today we commented slashes ogled the noteworthy sized knockers of the unknown blonde girl accompanying Selena Gomez out of Miami through the airport. Well, a ton of you (thanks to you all) let us know that the massive mammary mystery friend in shades was none other than barely legal teen actress Haley King, who got her start as the little girl in Spielberg’s A.I., and now plays the mean hottie school bitch on the Nick at Nite show, Hollywood Heights. She may be hiding the face, but apparently those double stacks were just too much of a giveaway.

Consider us instantaneous Haley King fans! Check her out at the Nylon magazine party from earlier this summer, and enjoy.

Sarah Hyland Modern and Super Hot for Nylon Magazine

We do so dig Sarah Hyland from Modern Family. We dig her in all kinds of roles and looks and positions (the latter mostly in our fantasies of the superiorly hot petite brunette). And now we can feel the passion of a classy but super sextastic photo pictorial in this month’s edition of Nylon magazine where Sarah shows it’s all grown up time for her hotness, looking every bit the mature actress in these memorable photos.

Current Sarah Hyland fanatics, rejoice. All others, consider yourself to be now in the fold. Enjoy.

Aubrey Plaza Hotness Exudes Even in Cute Pictorial for Nylon

Either you love Aubrey Plaza because of her work on Parks and Recreation or you just love super hot and cute minxy actresses, either way, you’ll super delight in Nylon Guys magazine’s new pictorial of the brunette chick featuring Aubrey in all types of down-home poses.

Now, Aubrey may not precisely lay flat across her carpet in short shorts when she hangs out at home, but I can guarantee you if she were at our house, we’d beg her to do so until she was so annoyed she finally relented. Badgering is our primary strategy when it comes to success with the ladies. Crude, but effective. Enjoy.

Christina Ricci Provides The Offbeat Heat for Nylon Magazine

Christina Ricci is back, and, man, I’ve missed this buxom little indie chick. Back in her New York groove, the brunette goth girl with the boobtastic fantastic is returning to the TV tube on the Pan Am throwback show, one of the many attempts by the networks to catch on to Mad Men era craze. If it brings out girls like Christina Ricci, then I must applaud this follow-along creative mentality.

In promotional support of her return to oglers eyes, Christina also headlines this month’s Nylon magazine, where the offbeat hottie provides some visual treats for her long time fans, who will most certainly delight in her unique presentation of Ricci-sexy. Enjoy.

Olivia Wilde Rides Cowgirl for Nylon Magazine

Out there pimping hard for Cowboys and Aliens, the uniquely sexy Olivia Wilde took to the pages of Nylon magazine this month to, well, just look all kinds of hot, which is pretty much what she’s good at. Don’t sneeze at talent when it’s of the sextastic variety. The single and ready to mingle Olivia Wilde has already been rumored  to be shacking up short-term style with a number of Hollywood actors, but until she’s confirmed to be shacking up with Egotastic! super short term style, I can’t bring myself to smile. Bless you and your taut tummy, Olivia Wilde, for the happiness it brings. Enjoy.