Nylon magazine Posts:

Sarah Hyland Modern and Super Hot for Nylon Magazine

We do so dig Sarah Hyland from Modern Family. We dig her in all kinds of roles and looks and positions (the latter mostly in our fantasies of the superiorly hot petite brunette). And now we can feel the passion of a classy but super sextastic photo pictorial in this month's edition of Nylon magazine where Sarah shows it's all grown up time for her hotness, looking every bit the mature actress in these memorable photos.

Current Sarah Hyland fanatics, rejoice. All others, consider yourself to be now in the fold. Enjoy.

Aubrey Plaza Hotness Exudes Even in Cute Pictorial for Nylon

Either you love Aubrey Plaza because of her work on Parks and Recreation or you just love super hot and cute minxy actresses, either way, you'll super delight in Nylon Guys magazine's new pictorial of the brunette chick featuring Aubrey in all types of down-home poses.

Now, Aubrey may not precisely lay flat across her carpet in short shorts when she hangs out at home, but I can guarantee you if she were at our house, we'd beg her to do so until she was so annoyed she finally relented. Badgering is our primary strategy when it comes to success with the ladies. Crude, but effective. Enjoy.

Christina Ricci Provides The Offbeat Heat for Nylon Magazine

Christina Ricci is back, and, man, I've missed this buxom little indie chick. Back in her New York groove, the brunette goth girl with the boobtastic fantastic is returning to the TV tube on the Pan Am throwback show, one of the many attempts by the networks to catch on to Mad Men era craze. If it brings out girls like Christina Ricci, then I must applaud this follow-along creative mentality.

In promotional support of her return to oglers eyes, Christina also headlines this month's Nylon magazine, where the offbeat hottie provides some visual treats for her long time fans, who will most certainly delight in her unique presentation of Ricci-sexy. Enjoy.

Olivia Wilde Rides Cowgirl for Nylon Magazine

Out there pimping hard for Cowboys and Aliens, the uniquely sexy Olivia Wilde took to the pages of Nylon magazine this month to, well, just look all kinds of hot, which is pretty much what she's good at. Don't sneeze at talent when it's of the sextastic variety. The single and ready to mingle Olivia Wilde has already been rumored  to be shacking up short-term style with a number of Hollywood actors, but until she's confirmed to be shacking up with Egotastic! super short term style, I can't bring myself to smile. Bless you and your taut tummy, Olivia Wilde, for the happiness it brings. Enjoy.

Amber Lancaster Leads Bratpack of Young Hollywood At Nylon Party

Honestly now, how is it I didn't get invited to the young Hollywood hotties party hosted by Nylon magazine? Who loves young Hollywood hotties more than me? Okay, well all love them and we all should have been invited, I mean, let's be real, these girls aren't even going to taste those sandwiches you put out. On the other hand, I'd be stuffing them four at a time into my manly leather satchel for no-cost dinners for a week. Even worse than missing the free eats, I missed seeing one of my secret lust crushes, Amber Lancaster, live and in the flesh (wish it were more flesh). Amber has been stealing red carpets these days and her little female peers must be starting to snipe at her behind the scenes (oh, yeah, it gets nasty, like a dozen feral cats in heat slammed together in a small cage). There's just something special about a real ex-cheerleader playing a cheerleader on TV. Oh, yeah, there's also her amazing body and boobtastic.

In addition to Amber Lancaster, other hotties at the p'arty included Billionaire Barbie, who canceled her night school law classes to attend, Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka, two parts of my sister sextastic sandwich fantasy, Emma Roberts, Jamie Chung, Shenae Grimes, Joanna Levesque (JoJo), Lucy Hale, and Kelsey Chow. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Not So Naughty, But Still Sexy, in Nylon

Vanessa Hudgens and she's got her clothes on! Wait, that's the opposite of exciting. Well, this classic vision of sexy innocent Disney star has become quite the news item of late because apparently some dudes with intense computer skills managed to build a time machine and go back in time and hypnotize Vanessa Hugdens into creating a boatload of naughty photos of herself and sharing them with her besties (some of whom seem to have violated besties code according to our friends at TMZ). I wish I could use their time machine to go back and erase my high school wrestling photos. Those crotch-hugging singlets were hardly flattering.

Still, regardless of indiscretions of the past, Vanessa Hudgens remains more ogle worthy than ever and these Nylon magazine photos of the Sucker Punch star only confirm my lust confidence in her bright acting future. Enjoy.

Mila Kunis Pictures from Nylon Magazine Are Hot in Black and White

Well, to date, I've avoided seeing Black Swan in advanced screenings, since I do have mixed feelings about the chickiness of this flick, albeit it does feature two Hebrew School hotties in Mila Kunis and the inimitable Natalie Portman, all leotarded out and trying to murderize each other. I do so lust these girls. Apparently, Mila Kunis lost so much weight for her role that she often became weak on set. Now, that's dedication, though not necessarily good for boobage, I might add. These Mila Kunis pictures from our friends at Nylon Magazine remind me just how hot this sexy actress looks even with way too many clothes on, and, why, yes, okay, I'm going to pretend I'm making a big concession by taking the girlfriend to see Black Swan. Enjoy.