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Dakota Fanning Braless Steals the Sextastic Show at Nylon Young Hollywood Party

Nylon Magazine is among those outlets that hosts a Young Hollywood party every year to celebrate the working youth hotties of Hollywood. Young Hollywood is actually early 20′s Hollywood when hosted by Nylon, as opposed to your teen starlets and Disney machine up and comers. But one thing was clear at the red carpet decked out event, Dakota Fanning stole the show. Certainly Olivia Culpo and Victoria Justice and Jennette McCurdy did themselves right showoff proper, but blonde and cleavy natural hottie Dakota Fanning absolutely owned it. I don’t even know what that means, but it happened.

Dakota and her rising star sister might be the hippiest of chicks in Hollywood, but when they get to turning on the afterburners of allure, man, they really do strike a serious pose. I’m not even sure they know what to do after the pose, it doesn’t matter. Just blonde bits of genetically blessed Nordic princesses. Who also can act up a storm. Good on you, Dakota. Young Hollywood seems to be in good hands. Not quite as good as my hands, but I’ll let my imagination take me where it will. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Victoria Justice Bare Midriff and Plaid Skirt Are a Party Visual Treat to Remember

Nylon magazine has a music issue apparently and the music issue had a party and invited all the big names in music like. well, like Victoria Justice. While I’d likely be arrested for actually attending any of her teen bopper concerts in person, that doesn’t mean my strong feelings for the often conservatively wardrobed brunette starlet have waned one bit in these past few years.

Victoria remains one of the hottest nuts in Hollywood left to crack, perhaps given a hint as to wear to squeeze when baring her midriff and showing off a bit of a teasy side in a schoolgirl skirt at the Nylon party. We may never ever get to see Victoria Justice in her birthday suit, and that thought alone makes me require medication online from Canada, but just think of the sensational moment should that unexpected bliss ever actually occur. There’s something to be said for blind hope. It constitutes about 70% of my own body mass at any given time. Victoria, please, we need this. Enjoy.

Okay, Scout Willis See-Through Top Actually Won the Young Hollywood Red Carpet

Well, there were a bevy of beauties at the Nylon Magazine Young Hollywood party, as we have documented for historical record, but we have to give a special nod to Scout Willis, who just got a new half-sister, I think that’s like her seventeenth, and decided to celebrate by pretty much baring her young 20-something udders at the party for on the rise talent in Hollywood. I suppose nothing was more on the rise that what came about when Scout pulled back her vest to reveal the extent of her transparent top.

Consider the boobtastic show from Scout a gauntlet to the rest of Hollywood youth — meet or beat me, or just get out of my way. Enjoy.

Jennette McCurdy, Olivia Holt, and Carmen Electra Hot on the Catwalk for Young Hollywood

Nylon magazine held a party for Young Hollywood, which like most parties for Young Hollywood, was a bevy of beauties both young and not so young along the red carpet in Los Angeles. And everybody looked good. Especially the likes of Jennette McCurdy, Olivia Holt, and the not super young, but always super hot Carmen Electra. Just the kind of party where my invitation seems to get lost in the mail somehow.

In case you’re wondering, the state of young Hollywood is strong. For ever mature belusted hottie there is another ingenue or up and comer ready to enter the fray. I fear not for my supply line of the future. Enjoy.

Gillian Jacobs Bikini Top Goodness for Nylon

I know we have some to many Gillian Jacobs fans out there, the guys who watch Community on repeat with the sound off perhaps. She is something of a fetching thespianic, the girl next door type if you were blessed to live next door to a girl who you thought about fondling day and night.

Featured in the new edition of Nylon magazine, Gillian shows that cross gender-appeal, a photoshoot designed for the ladies all cute and bouncy, but plenty hot enough for gentleman oglers to feel cute and bouncy themselves. Maybe not so much on the cute side, but definitely bouncy. Gillian Jacobs has the potential for Egotastic! greatness. We shall pray. Enjoy.

Hayden Panettiere Outtakes Will Feed Your Lusty Intakes

Oh, little minxy Hayden Panettiere, how you do tempt us with your petite but busty charms.

In a glorious bit of outtake delights from her Nylon magazine pictorial earlier this year, Hayden provides the Hayden lusting fiends, and you know who you are if you’re in this group, some more treasures to store away in the libido in the file cabinet marked ‘Little Hotties’. There’s something naughty about this thespianic. I can’t quite put my fingers on it, but I surely would like to. Enjoy.

Ashley Benson Making Her Hotness Mark in Nylon

I’ve really falling hard for Ashley Benson this past year, helped by her dumping of Justin Bieber’s swagger coach, and culminating with her epic bikini and covered nekkid work in Spring Breakers. She really is an underrated hottie. Well no longer.

Featured in this month’s Nylon magazine, Ashley Benson shows that she’s ready to step up to the next level of celebrity sextastic, with just a simple shoot, her hot looks, a pair of sunglasses. That’s all the good looking girls really need. Ashley is going place, both in her professional work, and at this very moment in the dark recesses of my mind. Enjoy.