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Barbara Fialho Sextastic In Lacy Lingerie

Ooooh, Barbara Fialho. You are one of my favorite up and coming models and it’s easy to see why. She’s simply effing breathtaking. She’s got a gorgeous face but that’s only the start of the delights. She’s also got a beautiful pair of ta-tas. They are seriously the perfect size. They are just big enough to fill a grown man’s hand. I have to believe that this fact is not an accident but is the design of a boob loving creator. Is there anything sexier than a woman like Barbara in lingerie? I think not. As good as your woman might look in lingerie, she doesn’t look like Barbara. Unless you are having sex with Barbara Fialho in which case I friggin’ hate you for your bounty.

What I do know is that I never get tired of looking at her. In fact, I think I might stare at these pics for another hour.

Photo Credit: Next Lingerie

Camille Rowe Bra, Panties, Super Good Looks, It’s All There

Camille Rowe happens to be my favorite. I might just let her be my girlfriend in 2015 if she asks nicely and she likes to bowl. In fact, the bowling isn’t necessary, or the nice asking for that matter. We can just stay-in while she berates me for not having a real job. I’m good with that, Camille, provided you lash out at me whilst in your bras and panties. Oh, you do wear them ever so well.

Featured in this pictorial for Next lingerie, Camille Rowe reminds me that one of the finer things to happen in 2014 was her inclusion into the V.S. lineup of silky nothings clad ladies. She really does have one of the female forms that lights me up like no other. And that smile. It makes me want to build a ship of some kind. Maybe just inflate a dinghy. A man needs to realize his limitations even in the face of massive inspiration by way of lust. Camille Rowe, I need so much more of you in 2015. Please, baby, please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Next

Josephine Skriver Looking Sexy In Swimwear For Next

Danish hottie Josephine Skriver was looking beachy sexy in a series of swimwear shots for Next. Josephine is one of those tall Scandinavian beauties that you need a ladder to climb up to give her a kiss. But further down the mountain is a truly terrific pair of ta-tas. They aren’t super huge but look perfect with her frame. Proportion is beauty, if you recall from your undergrad art history class. My favorite has got to be the pink bikini top. It is the outfit that gives her the most killer cleav. I really need to get over to those Scandinavian countries. I hear the girls sunbathe topless in the parks in the summertime. They are much more sophisticated about public displays of boobage than we are here in the States.

Me, I’m solidly for letting those puppies fly free. Sure, you’ll probably see some not so nice ones that you wish you hadn’t but it would be worth it for the truly righteous funbags like Josephine’s.

Photo Credit: Next

Shanina Shaik Smoking Hot in Lingerie

I really and truly am in deep superficial lust with Shanina Shaik, the multicultural wonder from Down Under who models lingerie like a hot female champ.

Shanina has all the right curves in the all the right places, not a stick thin model, but a girl with some softness to her fine female form, accentuated perfectly by little bits of silky underthings. Well, near perfectly. Perfect would be no clothes at all, naturally. But I wouldn’t complain if for some reason known only to Fate I found Shanina in her shiny bra and panties in my boudoir. C’mon, Fate, I so deserve this. I’m ready. Enjoy

Shanina Shaik Lingerie Pictures Are The Next Hottest Thing

Aussie swimwear and lingerie model Shanina Shaik probably doesn’t get the credit she deserves for being just ridiculously hot.

Maybe it’s an offshoot of being a brunette model from Down Under, girls who could get lost in casting, but at just 22, Shanina and her Eurasian distinctive looks is producing all kinds of neck turning injuries among those checking her out. In pictorials like this modeling gig for Next Lingerie. Some bras, some panties, and a whole lot of lust inducement.

I’d buy panties off, err, from, this young lady. Enjoy.

Marloes Horst Bikini and Lingerie Pictures Are the Next Big Thing

Because she’s modeling for the ‘Next’ brand swimsuit and lingerie and…. well, nevermind. The point is, Dutch model Marloes Horst has cracked the Top 25 list and we couldn’t be happier for this Dutch phenom. Vastly underrated in hotness, sometimes it takes a solid bra and panties pictorial to point out that while Marloes gets paid to look great in women’s magazines, there’s no reason she can’t moonlight as the highlight of our male nightly R.E.M. state fantasies.

In fact, I believe Marloes has a reservation in my subconscious picture show this very evening after ogling her super fine form for Next. Enjoy.