New Look Lingerie

Kelly Brook Lingerie Pictures Are Downright Perfectly Salesworthy

We’ve had the grateful opportunity to see Kelly Brook in various bikinis desperately attempting not to snap in half the past several days in Miami, now lingerie from hew New Look underwear line stretching and straining to do the same around her marvelously curvaceous body. The more you see Kelly Brook the more you realize why she has so much trouble with men. Her body is built for trouble.

Someday, I’d like Kelly Brook to model my own line of women’s bedroom clothing. It’s mostly just a dishtowel with large holes she can try to wrap around her curvy parts while I snap pictures with the pretend camera in my hands. There’s no reason fashion needs to be complicated. Not when you’re draping Kelly Brook’s faptastic female form. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Models Her Own Lingerie Line (Because Who Else?)

If you got it, flaunt it. And if you can flaunt it, why not just design your own lingerie line and flaunt it for a piece of the action.

Kelly Brook can do no wrong, not in my book, and not in the minds of New Look lingerie who let her design, model, and pimp the bodacious shizz out of her little silky bras and panties and boudoir apparel. I’ve already purchased six items. I keep looking for the check off box to purchase Kelly herself, but I can’t find it. I’m guessing she’s probably higher than the $200 limit on my Diner’s Club card regardless.

Still, only 59 shopping days left until Christmas and I’m saving up for Kelly’s curves in a simple pair of sheer panties underneath my tree. Hoping against hope. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Lingerie Pictures For Men Who Like Their Hot Ladies With a Little Oomph Oomph

Talk about some cushion for the pushin’. Kelly Brook has got it going on and on in all of our favorite bodily regions.

Featured in her New Look lingerie line in Fabulous Magazine, Kelly Brook provides the curves that remind us why we so badly want to cover her entire bodacious body in honey and play a little rumbly tummy Winnie the Pooh game with the buxom British model and actress. Oh, the fun to be had with a bouncy girl in lingerie. The possibilities are endless, though the consensus probably pointed toward one activity in particular. So hot, Kelly. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook New Look Lingerie Is a Fresh View of Heaven

Winter may be the cruelest season (and I’m not sure why it’s ever been called that as sexual-contact to save lives during snowed-in powerless winter cabin moments have been far and away my most successful getting-some action plan in my life), but it also means new lingerie catalogs, and it means more luscious curvy Kelly Brook for hew New Look Winter 2012 photoshoot.

Now, we may feature Victoria’s Secret on here more than most other lingerie lines, but if you want to know our secret, it’s that we truly dig seeing women with a little bodacious body in silky underthings to pretty much everything else under the sun. What Kelly Brook can bring to lingerie is something that can’t be put into words, more like a little gasp of air barely coming through your clenched teeth as you mumble a syllable that sounds like ‘yum’. Enjoy.