Kelly Brook New Look Lingerie Is a Fresh View of Heaven

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bill-swift - December 11, 2012

Winter may be the cruelest season (and I'm not sure why it's ever been called that as sexual-contact to save lives during snowed-in powerless winter cabin moments have been far and away my most successful getting-some action plan in my life), but it also means new lingerie catalogs, and it means more luscious curvy Kelly Brook for hew New Look Winter 2012 photoshoot.

Now, we may feature Victoria's Secret on here more than most other lingerie lines, but if you want to know our secret, it's that we truly dig seeing women with a little bodacious body in silky underthings to pretty much everything else under the sun. What Kelly Brook can bring to lingerie is something that can't be put into words, more like a little gasp of air barely coming through your clenched teeth as you mumble a syllable that sounds like 'yum'. Enjoy.