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Topless Scenes From The Interview, Take That Kim Jong Un

Topless Scenes From The Interview
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Okay, we all have to do our part to fight tyranny. My part is particularly small as I’m fairly lazy, though I prefer to call it, stoic. I do believe the movie The Interview actually came out in some theaters over Christmas, after being pulled, restored, pulled, then re-restored or something like that. Reading Sony press releases is like trying to figure out a Rubik’s cube while drinking sake bombs. The point is, what nobody noticed, the work of Diana Bang And Hazeltine Gariza who provide the topless moments in the movie. The true definition of ‘in your face’ statements.

I haven’t seen the movie yet. I suspect it’s something far less memorable than the media storm surrounding it. Let us not treble the mistakes made to date by completely overlooking Diana and Hazeltine’s fine funbag work in this film. That would make the terrorists win or something horrible like that. Enjoy.

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Eva Green Topless, One Last Look at the Clearest Pictures Yet of 300: Rise of Eva’s Outrageous Knockers

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I know we’ve looked at this epic Eva Green topless scene from the 300 sequel twice before. But thanks to EgoReader ‘Tadam’, we have now the final clear-res look at those epic peeking peaks on the sextastic actress that we’ve been waiting for ever since rumors of this scene first broke in my Eva Green Is Topless Rumor Society. We meet at Denny’s and split the checks.

Eva Green is in the category of a Kate Winslet or a Chloe Sevigny or a Julianne Moore, just topless in almost every single film role and completely fearless. And what’s to be feared when you have a body like Eva’s? That somebody’s going to tell you to put your clothes back on? Not so long as I’m drawing a breath on this spinning orb they won’t. Enjoy.

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Sally Fields Bare-Arse and Some Full Frontal Nekkidness Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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While I suppose you could say this is the start of the summer blockbuster season, the reason for leering at hot skin on screen knows no season or marketing schedules. It’s a purpose that runs 365 days a year. Thanks to our flesh loving friends at Mr. Skin, we have a forecast for some celebrity hot junk available for your home viewing pleasure this weekend. Make your own blockbuster, if you know what I’m saying. And even I don’t.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Sally Field not nekkid in Superman 2, but her hot bare arse in Stay Hungry from the 1970′s, hot full frontal nekkidness in DaVinci’s Demons on Starz, and Sylvia Hoeks flashing her udders,  bush, and sucking on her own toes in The Best Offer, now out on Blu-Ray. It’s some bottoms, some tops, and some fun stuff in between.

(Naturally, this is the best time of the year to get your discounted membership to Mr. to peruse all kazillion of their screen caps and movie clips with the best of the skin on film throughout the ages.)

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Scarlett Johansson Nude in Under the Skin, Full Frontal Nekkid Kind of Nude At Much Better Resolution

 Scarlett Johansson Nude in Under the Skin
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Scarlett Johansson is naked.

Well, so goes the progression from blurry to less blurry kinds of wonderful views of sextastic siren Scarlett Johansson finally fully frontal and topless in Under the Skin, the film we’ve only been waiting to visually gawk since first new of Scarlett’s dare to bare alien role was announced in about 2011. Is it worth the wait? Well, not until we have Blu-Ray release can we probably expect to feast peeps upon the best possible resolution of Scarlett topless and muffin flashing in this film, but if this look at some lit up versions of her stills from the film are any indication, it can only be more kinds of wonderful.

Did I mention Scarlett Johansson nekkid?  Indeed, how long have we waited for an even more revealing peek than she granted in her cell phone selfies? A long time indeed. But just look at this fine funbags and that lady nest I can hear calling my name. I mean, my name, plus some kind of alluring come on to gain my compliance. I assure you that part is not necessary.

Scarlett Johansson sweet melons and bush. Oh, happy days! Enjoy.

(Thank you kindly to ever so many of you who forwarded us these photos. Too many to name, but, all of you, great men and women in your own regard. We love it.)

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Rebecca Hall, Emily Watson, and Joey Lauren Adams Topless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)


Before the big summer blockbusters start their ever earlier annual launch, it’s time to reflect upon the real reason we go to see movies or buy big HD TVs — the glorious faptastic skin shows by so many of our most sextastic celebrities. And nobody knows skin on film finer than the deviantly nice folks at Mr. Skin who put together their weekly Mr. Skin Minute video to give you a head’s up on where to get your head up in TV and movies over the weekend.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute featured Rebecca Hall not topless in the new Johnny Depp movie, Transcendence, but quite funbag flashing in Parade’s End, Emily Watson full frontal nekkid in Breaking the Waves now out on Blu-Ray, and Joey Lauren Adams and Priscilla Barnes topless in Mall Rats finally out in HD format. It’s boobtastic faptastic galore you really must quick peek. Enjoy.

(Naturally, don’t forget to get your favorite rabbit a discount priced membership to the entire Mr. Skin site and archives. It’s so much better than another ham.)

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Rosanna Arquette Topless, Paz de la Huerta Nekkid, The Game of Thrones Ladies of the Evening Nekkid in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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If it’s Friday then it must be Mr. Skin forecast for the fun side of your home viewing weekend entertainment. Like clockwork, Mr. Skin informs you of how to get your minute hand on your six o’clock and have yourself a little private party. And this week is hardly short of many visually moving wonderments that ought to keep your quite content in your comfy chair with your remote.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute features Paz de la Huerta quite full frontal and nekkid and making out with Katrina Bowden in Nurse 3D now out on Blu-Ray, the hottie brunettes and redheads of whoredom on Game of Thrones getting nekkid themselves in the season opener on HBO, and veteran thespianic Rosanna Arquette not nekkid in Game Day out in theaters today, but quite topless in a number of her former cinematic ventures. It’s lots of lovely funbags just the way we like them, full and ripe like summer berries. Enjoy.

(Absolutely do not forget the best Easter gift ever for your friends and family, a discounted membership to the entire vault of Mr.

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Eva Green Topless in 300: Rise of an Empire (A Revised Look)

Eva Green Topless in 300: Rise of an Empire
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When 300: Rise of an Empire first came out, okay, maybe even a bit before that, we had a blurry-ish but much needed sneak peek. Now for the official record, let’s take a superior definition look at the alluring and sultry Eva Green in what is sure to go down in history as one of the more memorably topless making of the sexy scenes in mainstream film.

As my friend Geronimo Barlett-Reeves used to say, all sex is angry sex, it’s just a question of whether it happens before or after. Well, in 300: Rise of an Empire, it happens right in the middle. I think that’s probably the best. I can see all that conquering foreign lands and even that fraternal violence when Eva Green is beckoning with her perfect sweet tubes. Men are weak before hot women. Sometimes, we need to be reminded of that with in your face funbags. Enjoy.