Michael Edwards

Amanda Righetti Boudouir Hot In Her Place

If you’ve also experienced long and unyielding types of lust for the oft-conservatively dressed Amanda Righetti, today is our day.

Amanda has allowed photographer Michael Edwards and his Me in My Place feature camera into her own home, gotten down to her bedroom clothing, and let the camera snap away. The result as always is wonderfully intimate nightgown and underwear photos of the sextastic Amanda on her home court. The level of alluring is, well, alluring. I think I might actually break into tears, or a song, or just lock the door and pray the postman doesn’t come around back to an awkward sight. She is a visual treasure.

To see the full set of Amanda Righetti photos, visit Me in My Place.

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Tiffani Thiessen Celebrates Her Birthday With Some Boudoir Hotness ‘In Her Place’

If there’s two things we dig it’s all grow’d up childhood female stars like Tiffani Thiessen, and the Me in My Place photoseries from photographer Michael Edwards, wherein super hot girls drop down to little bits of clothes in their bedroom.

Today being Tiffani’s birthday, her 39th to be precise, we are fortunate to have a sampling of her sextastic boudoir photoshoot, revealing a bit of the old Kelly Kapowski from Saved By the Bell, merged with some now veteran MILFtastic hotness. It’s all kind of working quite well.

To see the full set of Tiffani Thiessen photos, visit Me in My Place.

(Do not forget to be the cool kid who gets the Me in My Place web app, for all your MIMP hotness needs.)