Tamara Cassola Topless Sultry Goodness for Even More Big Brother Alumni Cred

Tamara Cassola Exotic Topless Photoshoot in Maxim Argentina
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Tamara Cassola is another one of our Sudamericana Big Brother game show favorites of late, and when we heard she was going to be dropping her drawers, not to mention her top, for her native lands Maxim magazine, well, our own big brother got a little happy tingle.

As we mentioned several times, we would watch the U.S. versions of these same idiotic reality shows if they were filled with boobtastic celebrities who went straight from the exit door of the house down to their nekkid magazine photoshoots. Sadly, they do not. Fortunately, in Argentina, they almost always do. Hence, a whole lot to love about Tamara Cassola! Enjoy.

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Jesica Herenu Drops Some Heavy Duty Heffer Bombs in Maxim


Oh, yeah, it’s late on Friday, but trust you me, it is still most definitely Friday. I know this for two reasons. One, my topless girls dressed as cartoon characters wall calendar tells me so. But, also, the smell of Creme de Menthe from the tech nerd side of the office begins to waft on getaway day. I’m not even sure why the geeks drink that stuff, or if they’re just wearing it, but I can smell it every Friday.

And, on Fridays, kind of like every other day of the week, but with even a bit more gusto, we celebrate all things funbaggery and delicious, this week with the sultry Latina former Big Brother contestant, Jesica Herenuappearing in her native Argentina’s Maxim magazine this month. And, well, looking at Jesica we are now fully-prepared for our weekend. Once we get rid of this Menthe smell. Enjoy.


Ally Pinnock Hotness WIll Melt Your Balls of Steel

Another reason to dig overseas television shows is simply some of the names. For instance, Australia’s Balls of Streel practical joke show, which as funny as the name sounds, includes a very serious amount of sextastic courtesy of blonde funny girl Ally Pinnock, who is also featured in this month’s Maxim Australia showing off her noteworthy body. 

We love a girl with a sense of humor here at Egotastic!, and even if we miss most of her jokes because we’re busy ogling her fine body, it’s still nice to know it’s there. Like insurance, or the Valu-U-Pak of beef jerky in the glove compartment. Enjoy.

Moran Atias Delivers Amazing Eyes (and a Killer Body) on the Pages of Maxim

Look out Bar Refaeli, there’s another ridiculously hot Israeli girl arrived in Hottieville.

Moran Atias, model, actress, and television show hostess bared some of her deeper assets in this month’s edition of Maxim Australia. The actress is currently featured as the lesbionic girlfriend character in USA Network’s White Collar. Don’t even get me started on Sapphic dreams of this lingerie clad woman who even in this very brief pictorial shows she’s got the makings of a very memorable character in my nightly REM sleep fantasies.

Welcone to Egotastic!, Moran. May we take your coat (and rest of your clothes)? Enjoy.

‘Basketball Wife’ Evelyn Lozada Lingerie Pictures for Maxim Pictorial Are a Sextastic Slam Dunk

Throughout the history of time, hot chicks have gone for athletes. When those athletes started making big money, those hot chicks got just a bit hotter. It’s just how nature works.

If you’re not watching the show Basketball Wives on VH-1, well, that’s probably because you’ve got a job and half a brain, although, if you dig some mindless fun, you could do worse than watching the squawking gold-diggers squawk and gold-dig and despite their hotness, make you wonder why a pro-baller would ever think to get married in the first place. (Hello, Kobe, how’d it feel writing that $75 million check this week?)

But there is definitely the power of the sextastic, and viewing photos of Evelyn Lozada in her Maxim pictorial, you kind of get the idea how a man might make stupid mistakes in the matrimonial department. Granted, Evelyn was only ever engaged to NBA’er Antoine Walker (who got busted illegally funneling her serious cash) and she’s now engaged once more to Chad Ochocinco, which technically makes her a Football Wife-to-Be, but, look at that body of hers and tell me you can’t see yourself being stupid for it.

Yep, therefore but the grace of hot goddesses go I. Enjoy.

Sonam Kapoor Delivers the Bollywood Knockout Blow in Maxim India

The subcontinent remains such an untapped treasure chest of chesty-good hotness, I wish we had more time to spend traveling Bollywood’s sextastic celebrity channels for some of the absolutely finest women on this spinning orb we call our home planet.

For those of you out there who also dig the uber-hot Indian women, let’s just call you men-with-working-eyes, Bollywood thespianics such as the smoking hot Sonam Kapoor featured in this month’s Maxim India really light our inner world-traveler fantasies, the notion of transporting oneself to a foreign land where your eyes might feast upon exotic beauties in a never ending line of sultry humpiness. Consider me deep into that virtual land. Enjoy.

Leeann Tweeden Hot (Covered) Topless for Maximum Thai Exposure

Okay, so these probably aren’t brand spanking new photos, as the foreign edition of these mags do tend to recirculate their photos like my friend Johnny Beans recirculates the below-average-IQ women he meets as the only male employee of The Limited, but hot photos of Leeann Tweeden must be shared, it’s a universal man-code thing, and these shots of the sports minxtress almost but not quite topless on the pages of Maxim Thailand, well, they definitely fall under the code.

As you know from my personal and painful revelations, I’ve had something of a gonadial crushing crush on Leeann Tweeden for some time now; the kind of crazy crush that makes you do things you’d never thought you’d see yourself doing, like buying after-shave or, well, just shaving. But Leeann Tweeden rings my bell. And I’m guessing yours too. So peek, leer, and most definitely…enjoy.