Lip Slip

Iggy Azalea Lip Slip One Ups Miley at The MTV European Music Awards

If you want to beat the queen, you need to topple the queen from her position on exhibitionist hill. So Iggy Azalea figured with Miley flashing camel toe at the symposium of musical excellence known as the MTV European Music Awards why not stick it to her by adjusting her panties on the red carpet of the event and flashing a solid does of her bare pubic area. Not pubes, as none were present, just the general lady nest area in a wardrobe malfunction of high functioning caliber.

Iggy Azalea may not be as well known as her fellow body baring pop star divas quite yet, but if she keeps fiddling with her feminine wiles in front of hundreds of paparazzi cameras, she’s sure to be climbing the music charts in very short order. Not to mention making many more appearances around these parts. Good on you, Aussie girl. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Lip Slip Maybe in Director’s Cut of We Can’t Stop

Miley Cyrus Director's Cut of We Can't Stop May Show Miley's Lip Slip
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With all the buzz currently going around about Miley Cyrus and her Tweeted promotion to release the Director’s cut of Wrecking Ball if she gets 150 million views on the supposedly censored version of the music video, well why not take a look back just about six weeks ago when Miley released the Director’s cut of her musical genius creation, We Can’t Stop.

We just thought it was an LSD infused version of the original 20-something eff you to Hannah Montana anthem. But many of you EgoReader sleuthy type detectives (including ‘Timmy’ and ‘Conspirator’) sent in this fractured screencap from about 55 seconds into the Director’s cut of the video. Well, you be the judge. We starred it just in case the children are watching from behind your backs. Those little buggers will do that at the most inopportune moments. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Lip Slip and Upskirts Dominate the London Landscape

Miley Cyrus Lip Slip in London in Short Shorts
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I’ll say this for Miley Cyrus. She does not dress boring. And, I guess I have to also give her credit for finding new and interesting ways to show off her lady nest. I’m not sure if she’s consciously trying to expose her intimate parts or if her little lovely is just finding a way to reach the sunlight when given the chance, but she sure does flash her often. Even before we were legally allowed to bring it to you. How does one expose their vajayjay while wearing shorts? Ask Miley, she’ll help.

Meanwhile, not content with her slipped lip show, Miley followed up her sights of London weekend with some upskirt shots wearing a dress way to short for the delightfully deep seated London car services. I suppose seeing Miley in a thong after seeing her in a not-anything is less dramatic, but we never turn away an exhibitionist gift here at Egotastic! If you don’t appreciate it, it may just go away. Trust me, we appreciate. Good on you, Miley. Enjoy.

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Brandi Glanville Flashes Bare Lady Nest Climbing into Her Car

Brandi Glanville Flashes Her Bare Lady Nest
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My Uncle Soss who lived with us for a couple years used to tell me to make sure I was wearing clean underwear before I left the house as a kid. He always told me, ‘Never know when you’re going to get hit by a bus.’ Which scared me something awful. Not just because of the bloody imagery, but also because Uncle Soss was a city bus driver.

I can tell you who didn’t heed that advice.  Brandi Glanville. The Eskimo sister to LeAnn Rimes and current Beverly Hills Housewife pulled a classic commando mistake, thinking she’d get away without underwear with a short dress and a car seat to maneuver onto. Nuh-uh. Brandi Glanville flashed her bare lady nest for the entire world to see. Well, at least the entire Egotastic! world to see, but I’m guessing some of you might share our little secret.

Beverly Hills Housewife? Try Desperate Housewife, because… oh, never mind. Just look at her bare cooch. Enjoy.

Anne Hathaway Rides Commando, Flashes Her Lady Nest at Les Miserable Premiere in N.Y.C.

Anne Hathaway Wardrobe Malfunction at the NYC Premiere of 'Les Miserables'
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Hey, who can be the least bit Miserable when still-hot brunette Anne Hathaway flashes her lady fruit in the chill winter evening of The Big Apple? Not I, says Jean Val-minge-ogler.

The female thespianic co-star of Dark Knight, took the opportunity at the New York City premiere of the stage musical turned movie your girl is probably going to make you take her to, Les Miserable, to remind all of her fans that she may be married, but she’s not dead, as Anne’s car-exit upskirt provided a solid glimpse of her fun muffin to the paparazzi stationed outside the premiere.

Now, even though this was likely accidental, we still find ourselves wanting to rise in applause and wonder quite happily to ourselves, where the heck are Anne’s panties? Enjoy.

Coco Hangs Lips and Cheeks Out of Her Silver Swimsuit

It’s kind of like seeing the Silver Surfer turn into a mass of lady parts and smoosh them all into an undersized lycra swimsuit, then take the entire show and put it out in public in New York City to make sure every eyeball in the borough is glued to what might flash next.

Our friend Coco definitely is one of a kind. For those who love the super curvy ladies, I can’t imagine you doing much else but inspecting each and every one of these photos with a magnifying glass — that is a your magnifying glass, right? It’s like an exhibition of bodily freedom, with that freedom comes one lip slip and cheek protrusion and boob spill over at a time. It’s almost like watching Mother Earth form into an inhabitable planet, but in rapid time. Something very fecund about this whole scene. Enjoy.

Coco Flashes Her Vajayjay on the Thames; London Riots Ensue!

Nicole 'Coco' Austin Upskirt Commando Flash in London
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Maybe somebody forgot to tell buxom blonde reality star Coco about the crispness of London evenings in midsummer, or maybe the lady just likes a cool breeze upon her landing strip, but Coco decided to hit the streets of London in a high hem and a low brow and a complete lack of knickers leading to a full on flashing of her lady nest to the startled British peepers. Pearls were clutched and gasps were uttered.

With the Olympics slated to start later this week in the historic capital, security has been on high alert throughout the city, but nobody seemed to catch the presence of Coco’s commando coochie flash until it was too late. Enjoy.