Lindsay Lohan

Beyonce Booty, Kylie Jenner Camel Wedgie, and Lindsey Pelas Sideboob Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

I know I often say, this one has it all. But this one, man, this one has it all. The level of quality and quantity and sextastic rating of the social media self-shares by the hottest celebrities continues to rise at geometric rates, though it could be exponential as well since I have no idea what any of that means. I just know the goodness count is rising and all thanks to the desire of the hottest among us to remind us gently, but in a tingle inducing manner about that very fact. Ego is good.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Beyonce and her stellar hourglass booty, Lindsey Pelas flashing a healthy dose of her sweet pelas, Kylie Jenner showing off in a swimsuit, Candice Swanepoel upside down perfection, Courtney Stodden deep cleavage, Lindsay Lohan bikini candid, Miranda Kerr plunging neckline, and much much more. You owe it to the wretched folks who still wait for magazines in the mail to check out each and every one of these candidly hot selfies. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram/SnapChat/Twitter

Lindsay Lohan Cleavy And Bare Booty Cheeks For Notion Magazine

Lindsay Lohan is back on her game in terms of edgy magazine photoshoots. She was doing this for a while, then quit for a while, now she’s back to some candid style photos of her in various shades of dress and naughty, including a look at her bare booty cheeks beneath a jersey. I think it’s safe to say that Lindsay is once again feeling better about her body and the desire to share her skin filled looks has returned. This is a good thing.

Lindsay was once upon a time a rather alluring young ginger. What was once lost can always be found again. I truly believe that. This kind of work is a good start for us gentleman oglers who never give up hope, or our binoculars. Lindsay is still quite young. Clean living, Pilates, and some tiny outfits and we could be talking comeback. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Notion Magazine

Lindsay Lohan Cleavetastic Corset Show For Homme Style

Lindsay Lohan is back. Okay, I know you’re going to say there may have been some work done to touch up these photos. Granted. But that’s true of every magazine say for my Ranger Rick spinoff, Squirrel Habitats. The point is, the red tinted boobtastic Lindsay Lohan looks remarkably good in a pushed up corset and cleavage for this shoot for Homme Style magazine. You’ll have to excuse the dudes in the photo, I think it’s French.

There has been perhaps no more consummate up-and-down roller coaster sextastic celebrity of the past decade than Lindsay Lohan, celebrating nearly a decade now since her first big lady nest baring drunken stumbles. She rises, she falls, and occasionally, like today, she puts on a show that reminds you why you as a guy cared in the first place. Your heart and pecker were alway in the right place. Now it’s time for Lindsay to come home again. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Homme Style

Lindsay Lohan Full Spread In Hunger Magazine

Lindsay Lohan is back in this super sexy spread for Hunger Magazine. Linds wears a variety of lingerie on what looks like the bed of a Motel 6. Look, say what you want about some of Lindsay’s life decisions but it is an absolute fact proven by science and theology that Lindsay has got a spectacular rack. I’ve been a fan of them since Mean Girls when she bounced around in tight little sweaters. They are friggin’ huge in the good way. It’s good to see that Lindsay has returned to her first love, namely making guys want to ogle her jubblies. I for one would like to see more of this mature sexy Lindsay.

Sure, she’s been through a lot but wisdom comes at a price. That and she’s still got an amazing body so all is forgiven.

Photo Credit: Hunger/Purple Magazine

Lindsay Lohan and Sister Ali Lohan Leggy Lovelies at LOVE Magazine Christmas Party in London

It wouldn’t really be Christmas without Lindsay Lohan and her ample chest making an appearance at some Yuletide fiestas. Lindsay and her little sister Ali Lohan cleaned up rather nicely for the Love magazine Christmas party in London town last night. Now, I wasn’t invited to that event, but Big Joe from the smoked meats store down the block here told me to come by for eggnog and brisket next Monday. No need to clean up for that.

Lindsay Lohan has been starring in a legit theater production in England the past several months. The reviews have been not so surprisingly not super positive. Yet, we haven’t heard or seen of Lindsay falling down in the street since she started her new gig. And with family by her side, at least, family that hasn’t tried to ruin her in the past, perhaps she’s back on track to being the ginger topped racktastic lovely of our previous not super distant ago dreams. She has the shape working. If she can just hold back on that sauce. Here’s to hoping for a healthy showy Lindsay in 2015. And Little Sis too, naturally. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet / GSI / Splash News

Lindsay Lohan Poses for Civil Clothing 2014

Lindsay Lohan is back to looking hot in this spread for Civil Clothing. The troubled star has been out of the dressing sexy business for a while. But the truth is that Lindsay is looking better than ever in these picks. That legendary red hair and freckles accentuate the clothes perfectly. The best pick is one in which she’s wearing a kind of leather-looking unitard thing and she’s spread eagle revealing a wee bit of camel toe. This is a good thing, my friends. In another picture she shows off her shapely legs in what looks like a baseball uniform and a pair of knee high socks. Don’t mind if I do.

The truth is that I’ve had a bit of a thing for Lindsay since way back in the Mean Girl days. Say what you want about her controversies, but her boobage is controversy-proof. I’m glad she seems to be getting her act together again. A hot redhead is a terrible thing to waste.

Photo Credit: Civil Clothing

Lindsay Lohan in a Fitted Dress at the “Speed-the-Plow” Afterparty

Lindsay Lohan was looking a little bit like her old self in a slinky form fitting dress at the Speed-The Plow afterparty in London. Lindsay has been starring in the David Mamet show in the West End. But the real news is how sexy she looked. The dress hugged those famous curves showing off Lindsay’s amazing body. Say what you want, Lindsay has got a pretty great rack on her. Remember her tight t-shirts she wore in Mean Girls? I do. I’ll freely admit that I had a huge thing for Lindsay back in the day. Maybe she’ll get her life together now and fulfill her true destiny of being a hot woman for us to ogle.

I wish I could fly to London to see her in the show. I like David Mamet. I see him on the streets here in New York all the time. Maybe I can ask him to pay for my ticket. You think he’ll go for it?