Keri Russell

Keri Russell Bare Perfect Booty in The Americans

Oh, that Keri Russell bare booty drives me incredibly insane. After all these many years, she’s still got the hiney made for a television show that can only go so far as showing bare booties. And her’s is outright swell, especially for a skinny girl.

I happen to like The Americans for reasons even not entirely related to my infatuation for Keri Russell. Were the show on premium cable and able to show some nudity of my belusted, then it would possibly be in one of the top ten list for my favorite shows ever. Alas, basic cable, you have thwarted my intentions once more. Nevertheless, perfect hot bare Russell thumper. I’m not looking that gift horse in the mouth, just the perfect cleft. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “The Americans”/FX Networks

Keri Russell Looking Incredibly Hot In Leather

The always lovely Keri Russell steamed up the red carpet at the Glamour 2014 Women Of The Year Awards in NYC in a seriously sexy leather outfit. She wore tight black leather pants like a friggin’ 80′s rock star chick and a red and black leather bustier top. The resulting cleavage was quite spectacular. I’ve been an admirer of Keri’s boobage since back in her Felicity days. If I was forced to watch that show at least I got to ogle her ta-tas. 20 years later and Keri is still really sexy. I’m in no way some kind of leather fetishist but I will say that a woman wearing a tight leather outfit does get my pressure up. How could it not? I’d have to be dead not to get a special feeling in my bathing suit area.

That Americans show she’s on is pretty good too. At least this time around it’s a show I want to watch AND I get to ogle her. Win win.