Independent Spirit Awards

Paula Patton Is Single and Hot and Ready to Mingle at Independent Spirit Awards

Okay, maybe she’s not technically single yet, and Robin Thicke is apparently trying to win her back, but Paula Patton sure looked like a woman who might be re-entering the dating pool in her short yellow get-up at the Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Paula has always been quite the enticing gal, but there was always that long time childhood boyfriend and husband in the mix that put a big wet blanket on the daydreamers party. With that silly fop out of the mix, we can finally assess Paula for the wickedly fine red carpet and thespianic that she is. She absolutely stole the show at these particular award with her tight body in an even tighter dress. I’m going to go out on a limb and say she has no problem finding a date. No problem at all if she’s read my email currently sitting in her spam folder. Enjoy.

P.S. Brie Larson almost fell completely out of her top at the Independent Spirit Awards. I’m not quite sure she had a proper fitting for that dress. See Brie Larson’s open top dress at the Indie Awards on WWTDD.

Jennifer Lawrence Looks Hotter at Indie Spirit Awards Than the Oscars

As excited as we were to see Jennifer Lawrence at the Academy Awards, knowing she was in a shoe-in for her award, we were expecting greatness. But, no, somebody convinced her to go old school glamorous gown that covered up the entirety of her fine body. So, good looking, but not memorable.

Thankfully, the same weekend as The Oscars we have the Independent Spirit Awards, where ironically we first met Jennifer Lawrence on this site a couple years ago, and a place where once again this crazy hot young actress could steal the show with a far more happy happy fun time, dress that had us remembering why we first fell in lust with the buxom blonde. Enjoy.