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Nieves Jaller Topless for Love Triangle Fights and Ta-Ta-Tuesday

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Argentina seems to be a land filled with endless sultry Latina hotties. At least in my imagination, which I prefer remain completely as-is.

And it seems that every famous male celebrity in the country is involved in some kind of love triangle between two hot women. In the case of pop music star and vocal coach on the country’s versions of the show, The Voice, Ale Sergi, he seems to have two girls, Nieves Jaller, and Andrea Rincon, who’s delicious funbags we’ve spied before.

Of course, in fine Argentinean tradition, the two girls have to go on lots of talk shows in low cut tight short dresses to explain their sides of the story. Which is fun, but not quite as interesting as seeing Nieves Jaller topless in H magazine, flashing her inflated tubes and wicked hot body. Score one for Nieves. Score two for Ta-Ta-Tuesday. Enjoy.

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Ninel Conde La Mas Sexual Telenovela Thespianic in H Magazine

Shit, my Spanish still sucks, but not my unbridled lust for South of the Border soap opera vixen, Ninel Conde, who once more graces the pages of H magazine in barely any clothing.

We actually first fell for Ninel in her appearance on the U.S. program, Ugly Betty, but our heads went over our heels when we started leering at Ninel on her various Latin dramas, high heeled hotness, bitch slapping los doctores y los abogados on the telenovelas we watch from the comfort of the La-Z-Boy recliner parked right in front of the TV hooked up to the 22-foot satellite dish discreetly hidden on the rooftop of our offices.

Ay, Ninel, I want to take you to a remote tropical island where the screams of our passionate coupling will frighten the colorful local birds from the trees. Okay, so maybe it’ll mostly be my screams, but you’ll be the inspiration. Disfruta.

Victoria Irouleguy Puts the Heat in H Magazine With Wicked Hot Boobtastic Body

Okay, despite the truth in the claim, we don’t need to entirely revisit how much more awesome a show Big Brother is overseas. The Argentinean version alone, Gran Hermano, brings us a regular bountiful harvest of newly anointed sextastic celebrities such as Victoria Irouleguy, the latest graduate and super hottie from the Big Brother house.

Victoria was known in the house as the bebesota, the little cutie, and while she is most definitely cute, if you will, there’s nothing really little about this engorged gorgeous Latina, flashing almost all her wares in this month’s H magazine in her homeland. Enjoy.

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