GQ Mexico

Maite Perroni Knows How to Look Damn Incredible in a Bikini and Less for GQ

There’s a secret the sextasic Mexican girls have on how to allure a man. No, I don’t know the secret, then it wouldn’t be a secret. But I know it exists. Not on faith, but on pure tingle factor whilst ogling telenovela and singing star Maite Perroni in the new edition of GQ Mexico. Wow, she looks mighty fine.

As you know, I’m a sucker for all things super hot and Latina. Well, not just that, but that for sure. Maite reminds me of all the smoking hot bitch slapping senoritas of my favorite Mexican soaps. Only, she’s in a bikini, or less, and making me feel the slap of the most prurient kind. Maite, you are ridiculously hot. Let’s siesta together some time. Now works for me. Enjoy.

Eiza Gonzalez Wicked Lingerie Hot for GQ

Eiza Gonzalez may best be known for being the woman Liam Hemsworth jumped to when he and Miley Cyrus broke off their engagement. But she ought be known in her own right, if not for her musical career south of the border, then for her ridiculously hot good looks, on display in GQ Mexico this month.

Now, who knows how relationships truly end or why or who was at fault, I like to merely focus on the rebound effect. Judging by my own judging of Eiza in little sextastic bits of lingerie, I’m going to say his rebound was a slam dunk. That’s two basketball metaphors used to described she-banging a smoking hot Mexican woman. I’m that good. Eiza is better. Enjoy.

Behati Prinsloo Hot Hot Heat in Lingerie for GQ Latin America

Wow, just when you think you’re over a girl, Behati Prinsloo is back and just so damn sweet looking in her little bits of lingerie for GQ Latin America. I mean, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Adam Levine might just end up with a higher quality series of notches on his bedpost than my own marks on my IKEA futon. But, now, Behati Prinsloo.  It all just seems so unfair.

Someday, I’d like to take Behati shopping for lingerie, and have the entire experience not involve handcuffs and the state police chasing down my whereabouts. But, for now, just a safe but sextastic perusal of her stellar fine body in silky bras and panties will do. Everybody needs a Plan B.  Enjoy.

Jordana Brewster Crazy Hot and Covered Topless in GQ

We simply don’t get to see Jordana Brewster nearly often enough.

The Fast and the Furious brunette hottie goes in and out of hiding, sort of as her character in the film franchise, but something hard for her long time ogling fans here to abide. Now, Jordana is back to pictorial goodness in her spread in GQ Mexico, which features the lean sextastic thespianic covered topless and in various other states of tempting repose. Sultry good looks should never be put in the corner. Not when there are so many fine soft edges to be explored. Enjoy.

Claudia Romani Sextacular Covered Topless Photos for GQ South of the Border

Oh, this one just might do me in.

You know of our lust, love, longing, and licking-desire for all things Claudia Romani related, an Italian import for whom we have tush-passion up the wazoo (and that’s exactly where we’d like to express that passion), but, now, a GQ Mexico magazine dedication to this sextastic models front side fineries, her beauty, her body, and save for a couple hand-bras, a view of her Apennine peaks, which would definitely be the death of us from some type of difficult to attribute cardiac event centered well below our actual hearts. Enjoy.