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Jennifer Akerman Topless Artsy Pool Hotness for Galore Magazine


Malin's little sister is doing alright alright if you ask my inner McConaughey. Unlike her older sister, Jennifer Akerman has focused mostly on modeling which is a career field often open to hot looking Swedish girls with outrageously alluring bodies.

Featured in the current issue of Galore magazine, Jennifer naturally slips into a pool with her clothes on, takes some off, shows off some faptastic funbags, and just looks all around Nordic passion inducing for the cameras. I'm not sure who spent the art ideating time coming up with the need for clothes in the pool, but at least they had the decency to let Jennifer unleash a bit of her raw nekkid chest puppy power that makes this one of my favorite pictorials of the week. If my Swedish were better, I'd say something naughty that means me hungry beaver, you tree. But it isn't. Enjoy.

Charlotte McKinney Holds Her Own Nursing Degrees

Do you happen to like hot sextastic nurses holding their own ginormous melons in an attempt to take your temperature from across the room? Yeah, I know you do. Then prepare to fall deep into a semi-cramping but pleasantly painful kind of lust for blonde bombshell model Charlotte McKinney in Galore magazine.

People are naturally comparing Charlotte to Kate Upton because of her Instagram fame, Guess jeans modeling, and something about those XXL funbags of hers that makes every man and Sapphic leaning woman in the house reflexivley make motorboat noises. If Charlotte really were a nurse, I'd find a way to need medical attention daily. Not that I already don't, but with something sexier than rampant athlete's foot. Good Charlotte, Good God! Enjoy.

Berit Birkeland Topless Minnesotan Beach Girl Hotness for Galore


If you happen to love your tall blonde Nordic types from the upper Midwest, prepare to fall in lust with young fair-haired model Berit Birkeland, or just Berit, as she's known in the fashion modeling pro circuit, featured this month quite topless and udderly delicious in Galore magazine.

It's not often that I come across a girl that steals my heart and loins in one fell swoop. Maybe thrice a day at most. Put this lovely funbagged lass well into that camp. I could easily see taking her to meet my parents so they can say to me, wait, I thought you were gay. Well, not that there's anything wrong with that, but, no, it's girls like Berit and their outstanding bodies that make me swoon and flutter. With a heavy lean toward the fluttering. Be still my tender bits. Berit, I am so damn glad to meet you. Enjoy.

Valeriya Planidina Topless Pimping Denim, As It Should Be


In my never ending effort to make sure you've seen the bare boobtastic of all the girls you see strutting the catwalk at Fashion Week and on the pages of fashion magazines you peruse while waiting in the dentists office, I present the quite delectable Russian model hottie Valeriya Planidina.

Valeriya is one of the fast rising stars of the haute couture and now featured in this topless pictorial by  Andrew Kuykendall for Galore Magazine. It's called 'Denim' because Valeriya's covered in denim. But it's the uncovered parts that intrigue me the most. So I might change the title to 'Ogle Worthy Hot Nekkid Lady Parts'. Sort of that glass is half full, half empty thing. In my perception, see incredibly sextastic women partially naked means the glass is totally full. I'm an optimist. A very horny optimist. Enjoy.

Naya Rivera is Super Sexy in Galore Magazine

Glee star Naya Rivera looks ridiculously sexy in this shoot for Galore Magazine. The muy caliente Latina is shown in a series of provocative outfits in what looks like a dude ranch or something. I got to say that my favorite is the one where she has her short cut-offs unbuttoned and is wearing a pink bra. Her glorious knockers are a work of art. They are seriously huge, y'all. Also on show is the rest of her gorgeous body. She's got one of the best mid-riffs on the planet. I mean, I haven't seen all of the mid-riffs on Earth but I'm pretty sure that I'm right. Not only is Naya hot but she's also got some pretty amazing pipes. I believe, and I know some musical theater nerds might disagree, but she's the best singer on the show. It's probably all the extra lung capacity she gets from having such enormous colongas.

Oh, Naya Rivera. You are my favorite.

Cailin Russo Topless Wicked Hot Athletic Outtakes from Galore Magazine


You may know Cailin Russo as the crazy hot girl from the Justin Bieber video last year. But then I'd probably have to ask you how you know Cailin Russo and it would get all uncomfortable and awkward and we could probably no longer be friends. So, going forward, let's just say you know nineteen year old model and singer Cailin Russo from her hot pictorial in Galore magazine, more specifically, her sextastic topless outtakes that will blow your freaking mind. Justin Bieber who?

Shot by hot celebrity photog Randall Slavin, these visual wonderments of Cailin show an up and comer with emphasis on the up. I was going to say emphasis on the comer, but then I'd probably disappoint my dear mom who made me promise never to work blue. Cailin is captured in all her hot natural body glory, with her looks so compelling, even the nose ring that normally bothers me works well on her. I'm in lust! Stop the presses. Or start them, so Cailin and I can be pressed together in a sandwich of pure enjoy.

Photo credit: Randall Slavin / Galore

Malin’s Sister Jennifer Akerman Sweaty Hot Workout for Galore

I think we've seen Malin's sister Jennifer Akerman around here before. I'm not actually sure they are actual sisters, I think they are steps or halfsies. I was too busy checking out Jennifer sweating up a sextastic storm in this video shoot and pictorial for Galore magazine that seems to feature Jennifer drinking beer and kind of working out. Mostly grabbing gym equipment in a seductive manner and slowly undressing. That works for me. It sure would me a far more regular visitor to my gym were that kind of good touch going on semi-frequently.

Bill, do you mind waiting five minute for the bench press while Jennifer Akerman slowly massages it with her chest? No. No I do not mind at all. Enjoy.

(If you are so inclined, please do check out the Jennifer Akerman sweaty workout video to this photoshoot.)