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Sophie Simmons Covered Topless Full-Bodied Hotness in Galore

if you happen to dig the women with a little body on their bodies, then you’ll be quite visually inspired by the new pictorial of celebrity daughter Sophie Simmons and her soft body in leather lingerie and some strappy things that speak to one fun evening after seeing Fifty Shades. For several years now Sophie has been championing the cause of curvy girls to make their visual wonderment case while being half-nekkid. No matter which side of the fence you fall on in terms of personal preference, you have to respect her process.

Featured in the new edition of Galore magazine, Sophie gets black and white and naughty underthings all over. She’s naturally looking her best in the chosen photos. There’s no doubt she doesn’t fit the category of traditional VS or SI model. But I’m a man who believe in non-categorization. Mr. Happy can tell you what you like and what you don’t like, we don’t need to label the world objective. Let the lust take you where it will. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Galore Magazine

Kate Bock Is Teasy Hot With a Body You Must Memorize

SI Rookie of the Year Kate Bock isn’t wasting any time getting her name, err, body, err, those must-see funbags into the mix of young ridiculously hot women vying for your ogling minutes. The competition is stiff, as our the judges, but Kate certainly seems up to the task.

In this moderately teasy pictorial for Galore magazine, Kate shows she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with, whether modeling for men, for women, or just privately for me in my 10×10 closet the realtor insists is a bonus room. It’s a closet. So will say Kate’s rescue notes she flings out the window when she finds the closet door locked from the outside. I have to be especially careful of security these days. People keep trying to steal all my wicked hot models. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jacob DeKat For Galore Magazine

Pia Mia Perez Super Cleavy In Galore Magazine

Sultry vixen Pia Mia Perez steamed up the pages of Galore magazine in this sexy spread. Pia is one of those girls that looks good in anything be it a shiny gold leather dress or just a bunch of bubbles in tub. That’s partly due to the fact that she’s got outstanding boobage. There is some cleav for the ages in these pics, y’all. Her ta-tas are like two silky orbs. Silky orbs that is that I would very much like to motorboat. I think my favorite is the one where she’s wearing the white dress. It probably shows off the most cleavage. Plus there is something about a girl looking all sexy in white. Maybe it’s the faux purity thing. I’m not sure.

What I do know is that I wouldn’t kick Pia out of bed. No sir.

Photo Credit Galore Magazine

Sarah Hyland Leggy Golden Age of Hollywood Sextastic for Galore

Oh to see my little darling Sarah Hyland in black and white homaging some old school black and white Hollywood glamour. The minxy Modern Family hottie really has gotten all grown up, so truly excited to see her in these Galore Magazine photos featuring the mini-bombshell in a golden age of Hollywood styling allure.

Sarah Hyland is the girl next door you can grab a Chick-Fil-A sandwich with, or watch her stun all decked out on the red carpet. That’s my kind of girl. You throw in the petite passion inducing body and you have the makings of a real lust crush. No worries, Sarah, I’ll provide the splash of color. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Galore Magazine

DJ Melanie Ribbe Perfectly Tan In A Bikini For Galore Magazine

I still don’t know precisely what a DJ does, or why it’s now used like the Doctor title before a name, but it surely seems official and important, but I do know that if I was hiring for a kid’s bar mitzvah I’d hire DJ Melanie Ribbe.

The Jamaican German part time model and full time DJ (that seems like it should be reversed) showed off her ridiculously hot bikini body in Galore magazine, I assume ensuring her party bookings through 2029. Anybody can press a button and fist pump and encourage the chubby kids to dance. But how many can do it while looking like Melanie? Precisely. Now shell out those clams so she can spin some dance music. And wave them like you just don’t care. You hands I mean, you perv. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Justin Macala for Galore Magazine

Jennifer Akerman Topless Artsy Pool Hotness for Galore Magazine

Jennifer Akerman Topless Shoot in Galore November 2014
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Malin’s little sister is doing alright alright if you ask my inner McConaughey. Unlike her older sister, Jennifer Akerman has focused mostly on modeling which is a career field often open to hot looking Swedish girls with outrageously alluring bodies.

Featured in the current issue of Galore magazine, Jennifer naturally slips into a pool with her clothes on, takes some off, shows off some faptastic funbags, and just looks all around Nordic passion inducing for the cameras. I’m not sure who spent the art ideating time coming up with the need for clothes in the pool, but at least they had the decency to let Jennifer unleash a bit of her raw nekkid chest puppy power that makes this one of my favorite pictorials of the week. If my Swedish were better, I’d say something naughty that means me hungry beaver, you tree. But it isn’t. Enjoy.

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Charlotte McKinney Holds Her Own Nursing Degrees

Do you happen to like hot sextastic nurses holding their own ginormous melons in an attempt to take your temperature from across the room? Yeah, I know you do. Then prepare to fall deep into a semi-cramping but pleasantly painful kind of lust for blonde bombshell model Charlotte McKinney in Galore magazine.

People are naturally comparing Charlotte to Kate Upton because of her Instagram fame, Guess jeans modeling, and something about those XXL funbags of hers that makes every man and Sapphic leaning woman in the house reflexivley make motorboat noises. If Charlotte really were a nurse, I’d find a way to need medical attention daily. Not that I already don’t, but with something sexier than rampant athlete’s foot. Good Charlotte, Good God! Enjoy.