Flaunt magazine Posts:

Selena Gomez Flaunts Her Hotness In Magazine and On the Red Carpet

Talk about your double dipping sextastica. Selena Gomez created one wicked hot pictorial for Flaunt magazine in a wig and looking all kinds of boudoir alluring.

Then she went and backed up the magazine work by showing up to the launch party for the spread in a wide open cleavy dress that absolutely stole the red carpet for the event. Talk about getting all grown up but quickly. Passion inducing magazine pictorial and cleavetastic coming out party. Selena Gomez, my desire to cover you in cotton candy then tongue bathe you until we remove all the sticky has never been higher. Wow, I'm pretty sure I just ruined something beautiful. Enjoy.

Beyonce Is Kind of Nekkid and Definitely Glittery for Flaunt

I'm not exactly sure what was meant by this covered nekkid pictorial of Beyonce covered in tons of glitter for Flaunt magazine. I'm not so good at interpreting art. I do know that Beyonce is looking finer than ever these days, and I wish I could interpret her nekkid body uncovered. I think I would be good at that. Much better than understanding stylistic visions and the like.

Beyonce seems to have recovered quite nicely from child bearing and even reports of s second child coming, on the way, or some other mysterious social media comments. She most definitely has one of our favorite bodies ever. If only she would show it all off, no glitter necessary. Birthday suits sparkle just fine on their own. Enjoy.

Paz De La Huerta Topless Dancer Struts and Flaunts Her Stuff (VIDEO)


Well, let's just be honest, we're big effin' fans of Paz de la Huerta here at Egotastic! And it's not because she's the most smoking hot woman in the world or because she likes to tie one on and punch other chicks in the face, although the latter would make for a fun end to a party night, but, because Paz de la Huerta, unlike so many of the bodily uptight P.R. agency-led celebutantes in Tinsel Town  just does not give a flying eff about getting nekkid for the cameras, whenever, wherever. Man, how Hollywood needs more free spirits like Paz.

Thanks to EgoReader 'Jay S.' we have a video look behind the scenes of Paz's pretty epic Flaunt magazine pictorial shoot from last year, a glimpse behind the scenes and behind the lingerie to the bare and bold Paz de la Huerta, who we honor like a man should honor a woman who so freely drops her drawers. Enjoy.

Rashida Jones Flaunts Her Stuff Like You’ve Never Seen Her Flaunt It

Underrated hottie? Yep. Rashida Jones from Parks and Recreation gets all hot and bothered in the current edition of Flaunt magazine and transforms from sitcom cutie to model hottie, leaving us all hot and bothered in the process.

We've had a thing for Rashida Jones for some time now, if you've had that same thing, you know exactly how we're feeling checking her out in Flaunt. If you haven't had that thing, be prepared to feel it for the first time. Enjoy.

Anna Faris Drops Some Sexy Bombs for Flaunt Magazine

We have a little lust crush for comedic actress Anna Faris, I don't think it's ever going away. The unstoppable fantasy of the hot girl who likes to watch Beavis & Butthead and knock back some Genessee lager and fart and them maybe have some slap and tickle without the need for any lovey-dovey or foreplay. At least, that's the dream.

And the dream gets stronger with Anna delivering some of her innocent sextastic on the pages of Flaunt magazine, all kinds of blonde and teasy and fashionably hot. It works for me. I'm picking up a sixer of Jenny at the packy as we speak, awaiting Anna's arrival. Enjoy.

Freida Pinto Anything Is Hot, Even All Classied Up for Flaunt

What could supreme hottie Freida Pinto do that we would not find sexy? Take a moment, I know you think you have an answer to that question, and it's really a very wrong thing to say, let alone think, and here's the kicker -- yep, we'd let her do that to us and still find it sexy. So there.

In the latest edition of Flaunt magazine, in an homage to some classic styling I am sure, Freida gets all grown up and sophisticated looking, but nothing really can hide her inner and most definitely, outer, hotness. I just want to lick it up with a spoon. I think that's possible. Enjoy.

Evan Rachel Wood Flaunts Her Topless Body in Stylish Pictorial


Sometimes I think I was born with sixth sense, or perhaps more technically speaking, a fifth, since I lost my sense of smell in a tragic beef jerky and Dennison's Chili only weekend with the boys three years ago, but I feel like I can tell when a celebrity skin reveal is coming on. Call it a premonition or Extra Sextastic Perception, or just call it the lady in 4B who smells like utensils and steals all my magazines, but I felt this Evan Rachel Wood toplessness coming on. I surely did.

The Carolina native born serious actress type loves to get her bodily exhibition freak on, or just her freak's freak on in the case of her long relationship with Marilyn Manson, and in the current edition of Flaunt magazine, the magazine that dares to go there, Evan Rachel Wood shows us why she's interesting to look at, especially when flashing her fun parts.

I knew this was coming, but I never lose the feeling of a kid on Christmas morning when it happens. I can't draw or sing so well, and my SAT scores eradicated my childhood dreams of becoming the scientist who invents a cure for jock itch, so this is my special gift I share with the world. Enjoy.