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Zoe Kravitz Topless Majestic Ingenue in Flaunt

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Well, well, well. What do we have here? The delightful hippy chick and next-gen celebrity thespianic Zoe Kravitz flashing her funbags quite fully frontal and all for Flaunt magazine. This might be pro forma on the European continent, but for an American actress, this is pretty bold and beautiful, with an emphasis on both really. Being topless never hurt a single career, but it remains something of a Puritanical no-no in the homeland where some segment of the populations remains convinced that women’s bodies will be the downfall of polite society. As opposed to people like us Egotastic folk who find it one of the primary reasons worth living.

Beyond the social message, Zoe Kravitz plain looks spectacular in this spread. A confident, proud woman confidently and proudly showing off her yum yums knowing it only brings her power over men, and Sapphic leaning women, naturally. Zoe, I applaud you. I’d give a standing ovation but I don’t want to shock the children. This is one monumental day. Other ladies of Hollywood, let Zoe be your inspiration and guidepost. Everybody, shirts off! It’s time to be modern. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Flaunt Magazine

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Hailee Steinfeld Cleavy Fashion Bikini Tops for Coming Out Party

Talk about getting all grow’d up. The barely legal formerly Little Hailee Steinfeld is quickly moving away from her cheeky innocent teen girl thespianic persona into one alluring young model type benefitting from her combination of acting skills and good looks. You start mixing in a bit of a flashing streak and we could be on the verge of something truly spectacular here.

Hailee made her first move into the land of allure with this skin baring pictorial for Flaunt magazine. Not exactly enough to get you arrested by the Puritanical police, but enough to get many a man into an early stage of hearts a flutter, especially those who have been waiting for Hailee to break out into something more comfortable. My Spidey senses are tingling. This is going to get even better. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Flaunt Magazine

Rose McGowan Full Frontal Naked Veteran Hotness in Flaunt Magazine

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If you got it, flaunt it. Rose McGowan has got it. This Forty and Faptastic club member gets an occasional jeer for some unfortunate 90210 modifications in the past, but I’ll state unequivocally that Rose McGowan is one beautiful looking lady. Granted, I don’t know what unequivocally means. And, yes, I may be slightly prejudiced since Rose has one super stellar female form completely revealed, head to fun parts, in this Flaunt Magazine pictorial.

How many Tinsel Town actresses do you know who will bare their lady nest full and frontal with blessedly uncovered teats in such a classic manner? The list is truly very short. The opposite of my feelings for Rose. Whatever you’re doing, my lovely, keep on doing it. You are a blessing to gentleman oglers and Sapphic leaning women everywhere. Bravo. And, yes, do call me. Enjoy.

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Hailey Clauson Teen Model Ta-Ta’s Barely Covered in Flaunt Magazine

It’s hard to assign a rating to how much naughty feelings I have for nineteen year old fast-rising L.A. model Hailey Clauson. That’s partly due to the fact that I’m not so good at counting. Also due the the fact that with each and every appearance she looks more mature, poses more mature, and is putting a great deal more strain on my mature and clogged aortic valves. She really is a something something.

Hailey appears covered topless, covered nekkid I guess you would say, in the new edition of Flaunt magazine. Sure, it’s all stylish and made up and such, but beneath it all, especially beneath those lucky paws of hers, lies the absolutely phenomenal racktastic body of one superstar in the making. Hailey, I’d be happy to give you some distant gaze and aloof look training classes at my private sound-proofed basement studio. I’m very hands-on with my students. Enjoy.

Sarah Hyland Portrays a Doll in Stockings (It Could Be Creepy If It Weren’t So Hot)

It took me a while to get into this kind of oddly creepy photoshoot of petite hottie Sarah Hyland posing as a doll among real dolls in this Flaunt magazine pictorial. I’m sure there’s a deep message her about a bunch of social and cultural phenomenons well above my intellectual grade. And that does kind of bother me. As does the idea of Sarah being some mute toy put into a closet. Then again… there is wicked little sextastic Sarah in her stockings rolling about not unlike one or two REM sleep cycle fantasies I’ve had of the Modern Family ingenue.

Just so especially hot. I want to wind up her backside and see if she’ll whisper sweet nothings in my ear. Or punch a couple guys and  tell them nobody puts Baby in the corner. I just feel a need to do something. I’ll probably just go back to ogling. Enjoy.

Elizabeth Olsen Is Smoking In Flaunt Magazine

Elizabeth Olsen is on fire in a glossy spread for Flaunt magazine. The scion of the Olsen clan of super hot people looks amazing in this series of high fashion pics. Though she definitely inherited her older sisters’ body, I think she has a lovelier face. Her big blue eyes and pouty mouth are certainly among her best features. But it’s that glorious bust that brings us back for more. A couple of the pictures have her showing plenty of glorious cleavage for our amusement. Her funbags are another aspect in which I think she surpasses her lovely sisters Michelle Tanner…er…Mary-Kate and Ashley. Not that the two of them are not spectacular beauties themselves. Lord knows I often wish Full House had gone on another ten years so I could have watched them grow up into the hotties they are today every Friday on TGIF.

But Elizabeth is breaking free of the shadow of her famous sisters to claim her own personal claim to hotness. Luckily, we don’t have to just pick one.

Selena Gomez Flaunts Her Hotness In Magazine and On the Red Carpet

Talk about your double dipping sextastica. Selena Gomez created one wicked hot pictorial for Flaunt magazine in a wig and looking all kinds of boudoir alluring.

Then she went and backed up the magazine work by showing up to the launch party for the spread in a wide open cleavy dress that absolutely stole the red carpet for the event. Talk about getting all grown up but quickly. Passion inducing magazine pictorial and cleavetastic coming out party. Selena Gomez, my desire to cover you in cotton candy then tongue bathe you until we remove all the sticky has never been higher. Wow, I’m pretty sure I just ruined something beautiful. Enjoy.