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Gillian Jacobs Shines in Flare Magazine, A Late Sunday Treat

I’m something of a closet Gillian Jacobs fan. I’m not ashamed. Quite the opposite. Something about Gillian and her sweet girl allure leaves me wise enough to hide in the closet when viewing her photos. It’s a matter of public decorum really. Just check out Gillian in these new sextastic pics from Flare magazine. Certainly nothing racy, but if you’re the closeted fan like me, you know exactly how passion inducing these classy photos can be.

There’s no reason for girls to take all their clothes off to attract the opposite sex. I mean, it definitely helps and I’m fleeing this planet in my rocket ship the minute that stops happening, but a girl like Gillian Jacobs can throw those pheromones out there well enough even when overly dressed. Beside, a real man loves a little work. Not a lot of work, that’s a dumb man. Just a little work, that’s real. Gillian, you could give a little more maybe next time, I’m just suggesting. If you disagree, feel free to call me and berate me over the phone. I have one with me here in the closet. And a sock to chew on. Bess your fine deeds. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Flare Magazine

Jennifer Lawrence Outtakes To Stimulate Your Imagination, Tickle Your Fancy, and Quite Likely Soil Your Shorts

Well, you don’t have to experience all three of those, but if you happen to be a monster Jennifer Lawrence faptastic fanatic, as many of you are, then these outtakes from her Flare magazine photoshoot over the summer are likely to cause some emotional turmoil in the stupid-passion part of your brain. That’s really the only part we have left to be honest.

The blonde young bombshell thespianic shows just enough cleavage, and enough posing attitude, to remind you of all those naughty Jennifer Lawrence dreams you had the night after seeing Hunger Games, at least, we had a few about Jennifer and how to survive in the wild while carrying on our commitment to carrying on the human species. Lust, thy name is Jennifer Lawrence. Enjoy.