Jorgie Porter Behind the Scenes of Her Sextastic Bunny Shoot for FHM

Jorgie Porter is no longer that hot blonde Britty babe from Hollyoaks. She’s leaving the brilliant and smashing world of soap opera stardom to move on to bigger and better things. I can only hope those things include taking off her clothes and showing off her ridiculously hot body for the cameras.

Jorgie gave a little sneak peek of her bodily potential in FHM this month, in the guise of a alluring little blonde bunny with a tail I’m cottoning to something awful. Take a look behind the scenes of her shoot and see if you don’t get the same itchy tingles I do thinking about Jorgie getting super racy in the next stage of her still young career. Enjoy.

Keeley Hazell Hotness Returns in FHM (Though Not Bare Enough)

We’ve got to hand it to our friends at FHM, they bagged a big one in the return of glamour model extraordinaire, Keeley Hazell, who is out of her premature retirement and back on the cover of a magazine, where she belongs.

Not to look a supremely sextastic gift horse in the mouth, but, of course, we are dying to see the bare skin of this amazing looking Brit with the body that was downright legendary when it first hit the colorful pages of so many lads magazines.

Still, Keeley is back and we can only desperately hope she’s back to stay. Enjoy.

Check out the entire Keeley Hazell preview for the July 2012 Issue of FHM.

Georgia Salpa Sweet and Sticky Drippings for FHM (VIDEO)

Oh, Lucky Bastard Syrup Bottle!

Do you happen to dig super hot brunette Irish glamour models pouring stick maple syrup on their sweet bra-clad funbags? Why, of course you do. In which case, you must check out this video from our friends at FHM wherein hottie d’jour Georgia Salpa provides a healthy bit of anticipation in the form of some sweet and stick drippings courtesy of some blessed maple syrup. You’d be a sap to miss it!

Be sure to check out much more of Georgia Salpa on FHM. Enjoy.

Taylor Momsen Barely Legal and Coming Out of Her Shell in FHM

We’ve been waiting now many months since turning the magical eighteen for blonde rocker chick Taylor Momsen to start dropping her tops and bottoms for photographers, you know, now that we can finally show such things, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer, and, in the interim, delight in the fancy that is a tall teen blonde naughty rebel in her revealing photoshoot for FHM.

There’s a serious forbidden kinky fruit aura around Taylor Momsen, who in her FHM shoot does get all kind of grabby with pornstar Jenna Haze, as the both play kinky and teasy half-dressed vixens. And, might I say, we most definitely approve. Still, we’re left wondering when the full monty will drop and our insatiably deviant thoughts of Taylor Momsen can finally be momentarily quenched. Enjoy.

(This month’s FHM magazine is on sale now. Be sure to check out the full behind the scenes video from Taylor’s shoot.)


Kim Lee Drops the Sextastic Hammer for FHM

You know we lust our Eurasians, often so epically hot, including the likes of Kim Lee, the up and coming model and actress seen ever too briefly in Hangover 2 now bares more, longer, and harder, for FHM Russia, just little bits of bikini to barely contain her rather curvaceous body. We  could easily imagine ourselves whisked away with Kim to some romantic exotic beach, where we impress the heck out of her with our ability to make nekkid girl sculptures in the sand. It never fails.

Yes, Kim Lee,  you will bow to our romantic clutches and we shall take a peek under that barely holding bikini top of yours. Enjoy.

Christine Theiss Hotness Kicks Butt in FHM Germany

Do you love when hot muscle-bound sweaty German blondes kick your ass in the ring of life? Of course you do.

Which is why if you haven’t been forced to fall in lust with Christine Theiss before, the time is now. Considered the world’s top female kickboxer, this Alemanian sextastic took off the battle gear and put on the boudoir gear for FHM Germany to show that sometimes a woman needs to kick ass, and sometimes, she needs to have her ass… well, the point is, Christine Theiss is one fine looking lady after she hits the showers.

You will not soon forget the name Christine Theiss. And, on the off chance you do, she will roundhouse knock some sense back into you soon enough. Enjoy.

Billionaire Barbie, the Full Spread in FHM

Remember the FHM edition we sneaked for you last month featuring Billionaire Barbie explaining to the world that she’s not really just some pumpkin-headed blonde heiress twit but actually an all-knowing super keen business woman whose lazy eye actually holds behind it the keys to universal success and world domination?

At least, I think she said something like that, we didn’t actually read the article. In any event, we now have the full spread of photos from our hot-girl loving friends at FHM featuring Billionaire Barbie looking as sexy and thoughtful as possible, and pulling off at least half of that equation, kind of half way. Enjoy.