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Kim Lee Drops the Sextastic Hammer for FHM

You know we lust our Eurasians, often so epically hot, including the likes of Kim Lee, the up and coming model and actress seen ever too briefly in Hangover 2 now bares more, longer, and harder, for FHM Russia, just little bits of bikini to barely contain her rather curvaceous body. We  could easily imagine ourselves whisked away with Kim to some romantic exotic beach, where we impress the heck out of her with our ability to make nekkid girl sculptures in the sand. It never fails.

Yes, Kim Lee,  you will bow to our romantic clutches and we shall take a peek under that barely holding bikini top of yours. Enjoy.

Christine Theiss Hotness Kicks Butt in FHM Germany

Do you love when hot muscle-bound sweaty German blondes kick your ass in the ring of life? Of course you do.

Which is why if you haven't been forced to fall in lust with Christine Theiss before, the time is now. Considered the world's top female kickboxer, this Alemanian sextastic took off the battle gear and put on the boudoir gear for FHM Germany to show that sometimes a woman needs to kick ass, and sometimes, she needs to have her ass... well, the point is, Christine Theiss is one fine looking lady after she hits the showers.

You will not soon forget the name Christine Theiss. And, on the off chance you do, she will roundhouse knock some sense back into you soon enough. Enjoy.

Billionaire Barbie, the Full Spread in FHM

Remember the FHM edition we sneaked for you last month featuring Billionaire Barbie explaining to the world that she's not really just some pumpkin-headed blonde heiress twit but actually an all-knowing super keen business woman whose lazy eye actually holds behind it the keys to universal success and world domination?

At least, I think she said something like that, we didn't actually read the article. In any event, we now have the full spread of photos from our hot-girl loving friends at FHM featuring Billionaire Barbie looking as sexy and thoughtful as possible, and pulling off at least half of that equation, kind of half way. Enjoy.


Olivia Munn Hot January FHM Photoshoot Behind the Scenes (VIDEO)

Do you remember that pretty sweet mini-pictorial last week of Olivia Munn for FHM?

Of course, you do, it's probably still in your sweaty mitts. Well, of course, the behind the scenes moments prove to be even better than the pictorial, as evidenced in these outtakes from the photoshoot video.

I still can't figure out why Olivia Munn seems to draw so much undeserved ire from so many women. I think it has to do with why they can't figure out why all the men in their lives are so lust-crazy over Oliva. We're the first to admit that we don't really understand women, beyond the general statement of knowing we love to look. Olivia Munn very much included in that conversation. Enjoy.
Check Out Olivia Munn Behind the Scenes of Her FHM Photoshoot »

Veena Malik Shocks The Subcontinent With Her FHM Cover Pose (But She Claims It’s Not Her)

Seems like every time a hot Muslim girl takes her clothes off, there's an uproar. And we don't mean the Egotastic! applause, clap, and drool type of uproar upon seeing hot celebrity flesh, we mean outcry, calls for action, and grabbing the torches and pitchforks kind of uproar. The latest and greatest is the confusing saga of Pakistani-moved-to-India actress and oft-prodder of old-school Muslim ways, Veena Malik, the hottie who either did or did not take most of her clothes off for FHM India in their current edition. According to Veena, it's not her, but according to FHM India and me own two peepers, it sure as heck seems to be Veena. Maybe she didn't quite understand the level of backlash from her latest finger in the eye?

Read all about Veena Malik's claims against FHM for misrepsentation at the Times of India.

And, to boot, not only has she got the cursing mob cursing her for being a wanton Muslim woman, flashing her skin as the devil literally may care, but she's sporting the 'ISI' arm marks signaling what can only be read as a jab at the neighboring Pakistani Intelligence Service which is just creating all kinds of political havoc, of which we don't really fully understand, but when it comes to sexy women taking their clothes off to make a point of any kind, we can't help but support the cause. 

Read more about Veena Malik's FHM cover controversy at the U.K. Daily Mail.

I guess you'd call this one hot mess. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn Finishes the Year Strong and Sextastic as FHM Covergirl

It's been a very bad good year for Olivia Munn. The former G4 hostess took a nosedive right into mainstream TV sitcom failure and also found herself stuck in the middle of some bad rom-com supporting actress parts (and having to see Sarah Jessica Parker changing on set, oof!) while forgoing her roots as a sextastic geek girl extraordinaire. But, through it all, Olivia Munn never stopped looking hot and being the sole source of more fanboy deaths by reason of excessive fapitation than just about any other 'girl next door' type.

But, now, Olivia is finishing out '11 with a very strong and noteworthy performance in her mini-pictorial and covergirl duties for the upcoming edition of FHM magazine. The exotic looking brunette shows us all that while she may be becoming the girls whose shoulder gets cried on in a bunch of lousy onscreen roles, she will ever be the awesome girl who swallowed the hot dog on a string on AOTS. Enjoy.

Stacy Keibler Red Carpet Body Fantastic (With an FHM Hotness Kicker)

Yes, we're still jealous of George Clooney for knocking boots with a Noah's Ark full of the world's finest hotties, but there's no denying we're in lust with his current sex squeeze, Stacy Keibler, she of the incredible bodywork, looking all kinds of ogle-worthy at both the premiere of The Descendants and also a cancer fundraiser event the night before.

And, just because we love our readers and they lust Stacy Keibler, we added in the pictorial from the pro-wrestling hottie's stunning run in the current edition of FHM South Africa. Stacy Keibler is multi-purposed and multi-lust inducing. Like a tower of hotness just waiting to be scaled. Enjoy.