Billionaire Barbie Talks About Being Super Successful in FHM

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bill-swift - January 4, 2012

Here's what Billionaire Barbie wants you to know. She's not as dumb as she looks, she's very successful in her own right selling lots of her branded stank, and she is drug and disease free. Okay, I added that last part, but I was reading between the lines. Billionaire Barbie took the cover story of this month's FHM magazine, getting as sexy as the lazy-eyed heiress can really be, and even threw in a good laugh by posing in a library, or as she calls it, that boring room with those things in it.

As always, we throw in the caveat that nobody has more fun really than Billionaire Barbie. Why she's even producing a new house music album, celebrating her own appreciation of be-dong-dong.

"There are just so many great DJs right now. And I should know, I've been to over 100 raves in the past year, so I've heard every type of music."

What talent does this woman not possess? Enjoy.

The new edition of FHM hits the newsstands on January 5.