What the Heck Are Those Topless Girl of FEMEN Up to Now?


Our friends at WWTDD continue their obsessive reporting on the topless protestors in Europe as they flash their funbags across the continent to push their political agenda, not to mention being arrested for topless screaming, which seems to be a minor crime over there.

Check out the FEMEN topless protestors stepping up their protests with phallic props. It’s your world, you really should know what’s going on toplessly. Enjoy.

What Are Those Wacky Topless Protestors Up to Now?

Our friends at WWTDD seem to be rather obsessed with those Ukrainian feminist topless protestors who travel around Europe penning slogans on their bare chests and screaming. I’m going to go ahead and guess they don’t give a hoot(ers) about the politics of it all.

Nevertheless, if  you dig socially active girls who don’t own any bras or tops and demand to be heard, check out the latest set of FEMEN topless protestor pictures over on WWTDD. If you can make out what it says on their chests, you win one million empty Internet points. Enjoy.

Why Are These Skeleton Women Topless and Screaming?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Our friends at WWTDD once again are hot on the trail of the topless European protestors known as FEMEN, this time in Madrid, Spain. They sure do get around. Must have awesome Eurail passes.

If you happen to be interested in girls who like taking off their tops, scribbling messages on their bodies, and screaming like their the 12th man in Seattle, be sure to check their ta-ta’s out.

The Topless Feminist Protestors Are Now Battling Putin

Putin does seem pretty intent on bringing the Ukraine back into the old Russian-Soviet fold. But then, he’s never faced the ferocity of the girls from FEMEN. The Ukrainian borne topless feminists who make their way around the world screaming their heads off and covering their bodies in indecipherable text. They’re back!

Check out the latest photos from the Topless FEMEN protestors now in Times Square on WWTDD.

Yay, The Topless Feminists Are Back

Oh, those crazy kids and their topless runs across various government events and popular entertainment venues. These Ukranian girls just can’t be kept down, just name the cause and they are raring to go.

Check out the FEMEN topless protestor latest antics at the Nina Ricci show at Paris Fashion Week on WWTDD.

OPERATION TOPLESS DAVOS: The Angry Topless Ukranian Protestors Are At It Again

Click to See Uncensored

You know we’re generally against loud angry protests and we most definitely have no idea what the World Economic Forum is, does, or is trying to perpetrate (it sounds like just about the most boring convention ever), but, once again, we must give deference to the vehemently vocal and whistle-blowing gals of FEMEN, the Ukranian based feminist group that attends such summits, whips off their tops, fires off flare guns, and blows their whistles until dudes with batons and helmets come and drag them away. Hey, everybody’s got to spend their weekends doing what they love.

Well, the bitter gals tore up Davos over the weekend, which I’m told is a sleepy little town in Switzerland (aren’t they all?) and with the power of their bare boobs, sought to raise the living standards of women around the globe. Hey, a noble cause, and as long as they keep flashing their ta-ta’s to get what they want, we are bound to at least root for them a little. Enjoy.

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Euro-2012 to Brace for Bare Breasts (VIDEO)

FEMEN activist prepares to bare all
Bare Breast as a Protest? Umm...Okay!

When I first read about the Euro-2012 (short for 2012 UEFA European Football Championship) having to step up security because of the promised attacks by a group of activists, I thought they had heard of some bombing or other kind of violent attack that was being planned.

Then I heard that it was by a group called FEMEN, a Ukrainian group of women that was trying to bring attention to the sex tourists trade, international marriage agencies, sexism and other social, national and international ills I thought okay; worthy cause. Then I heard that they protest by taking their tops off and baring their breasts.

They go topless–as a protest.