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Konami’s Pre-E3 2013 Show: Kiefer Sutherland Will Play Snake in ‘Metal Gear Solid V’

Konami revealed yesterday that it added some gravel-voiced star power to its latest Metal Gear Solid installment. Jack Bauer himself, Mr. Kiefer Sutherland will play Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

As E3 coverage has been ramping up this week, Konami tossed out a half-hour pre-show highlighting all of the awesome it plans to unleash this year. The centerpiece, of course, is Sutherland. This is the first time that Konami has used a famous actor to portray the eye-patched stealth soldier Solid Snake, who for years has been voiced by David Hayter. Hideo Kojima, the game's creator explained during the video that because the game takes place in 1984, it required an actor who can convey the facial and vocal qualities of a 49-year-old version of the anti-hero.

Sutherland, for his part as a non-gamer, had actually heard of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. And he didn't have to torture the balls off anyone for the info. Fancy that.

E3 2013′s Most Mind Blowing and Anticipated Games: ‘Thief’

Garrett's Back, You Taffer...

These days, everything amazing-but-dated needs an equally amazing reboot. While publisher Square Enix has revived both of its Tomb Raider and Hitman franchises fairly recently, it's all ready to reboot another older-school title for next generation console awesomeness. That's right, taffers, Thief is back in all of it's arrows-to-the-dome glory and it is confirmed for E3.

The first-person steampunk stealth-'em-up looks a bit like it's second installment, but darker and more next-gen-ier. The new game will probably be familiar to younger Dishonored fans because that franchise practically owes its own existence to the original. From what we've seen, the new Thief will have pick-pocketing aplenty, that old familiar skull-cracking blackjack, and an endless quiver of arrow-shooting. While Garrett will be the face of this reboot, we're not sure if it's the same Garrett, or someone taking his mantle. Pure reboot or not, it's definitely going to be on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

E3 2013′s Most Mind Blowing and Anticipated Games: ‘Quantum Break’

TV and Games Together!? Crazy.

When Microsoft made its huge Xbox One announcement last week, everyone bitched and moaned about the fact that the new console would not be as game-centric as its predecessors or the other systems of its generation. Only a handful of people had that, "Woah, wait a minute, what about all the things they could do combining TV and games?" Enter Quantum Break.

Quantum Break looks like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure hopped up on biker-crank and Phillip K. Dick. The Xbox One exclusive title will do what a next-generation console is supposed to do: radically different shit like combining TV and games. And no, not like that one game back in the 80s that gave all those kids seizures or any other half-assed game/show hybrid we've ever seen. Game developer Remedy Entertainment, has said that the game and show are in simultaneous production and that, "how you play the game impacts the show, and the show informs how you play the game." We're beyond flashing screens and boilerplate scripts, aren't we? E3 will hopefully give us a bit more than the trailer.


E3 2013′s Most Mind Blowing and Anticipated Games: ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Now With 300% More Hookers!

Grand Theft Auto V will be in full-force at E3. And that's good. Seriously, how long have we been waiting for this thing? They announced it in October 2011 and since then, we've seen trailers, posters, characters, rendered surfaces and every other nugget Rockstar can throw our way but the actual game to play for ourselves...which the general public won't get to do until September.

We're entirely stoked on this one for more than mere anticipation. For one, it has three main protagonists, which is a great addition to a huge persistent-world game like GTA.  There's that whole argument that multiple main characters will be the wave of the future and all that. Sure, fine.

Most importantly, GTA 5 will be the last big franchise entry on the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. While everyone is clobbering over each other for look-see's at the next generation, will GTA V be quietly murdering hookers in the corner? Here's hoping it's front and center. By all accounts, it will be the perfect pedestrian-flattening swan song for two great systems.

E3 2013′s Most Mind Blowing and Anticipated Games: ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’

Kilzone: Shadow Fall at E3?

Set to be the sixth installment in the Playstation-exclusive Killzone series, this one looks pretty boss. Sony showed everyone a sneak peak at their PS4 event back in February and plot details have trickled out since then. While its E3 appearance remains unconfirmed, anyone who know anything is pretty sure this is going to make a showing.

Shadow Fall had us stoked at the sheer quality of its visuals. Then, it turns out that the demo footage we saw was using only half of Ps4's 8GB graphic capabilities. If that's truly the case, we're in for something special. Since Killzone will be  part of PS4's vanguard, our anticipation level is reaching heights previously unseen. Don't let us down Sony.

Madden 13: Hot Coffee at E3 Winner for Best Sports Simulation

Madden 13 Spotlight
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FIFA 13 with Kinect
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Let’s be clear here when we say “sports simulation” We mean team sports intended to look, feel and play like the real games we see on television and not sped-up, simplified, dumbed-down arcade games with professional sports league licenses slapped on them. NBA Jam and NFL Blitz have confused more people with those licenses than anything.

In any case Madden NFL 13 is making a huge leap this year in just about every observable area. The gameplay --what you’re doing when you’re actually pushing buttons and working analog sticks-- is most important and both the offensive and defensive systems have been overhauled. You can throw passes over the middle now because quarterbacks will be able to put air under the ball to avoid linebackers. That’s so much like the NFL, it hurts. Similarly, on defense, players will have to see the ball before they can make a play to knock down a pass or intercept it. Again, it’s like an NFL Sunday in your hands. Seriously though, the list of things that have been improved is very impressive for a title that has no direct competitor and that’s been selling at least four million copies a year since forever.

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PES 2013 Trailer Shakes Up the World (VIDEO)

Who Will Have The Best Messi?

It seems like a lifetime ago that Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer was the dominant franchise and EA's FIFA series was the little, fully licensed engine that couldn't. PES 2013 is this year's entry and the developers are still going the circuitous route to authentic players, uniforms and teams. The end result is that the top players and teams like Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid and Lionel Messi will all look like the real deal. Just don't go digging too deep in to PES because you never know what you'll find. Start with this trailer and you'll be just fine.