E3 2013’s Most Mind Blowing and Anticipated Games: ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’

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bill-swift - May 30, 2013

Set to be the sixth installment in the Playstation-exclusive Killzone series, this one looks pretty boss. Sony showed everyone a sneak peak at their PS4 event back in February and plot details have trickled out since then. While its E3 appearance remains unconfirmed, anyone who know anything is pretty sure this is going to make a showing.

Shadow Fall had us stoked at the sheer quality of its visuals. Then, it turns out that the demo footage we saw was using only half of Ps4's 8GB graphic capabilities. If that's truly the case, we're in for something special. Since Killzone will be  part of PS4's vanguard, our anticipation level is reaching heights previously unseen. Don't let us down Sony.