Dark Knight Rises

Who Should Play the Dark Knight After Christian Bale? We’ve Got Some Ideas

It’s no secret that Christopher Nolan is leaving the Batman franchise for good with The Dark Knight Rises, which finally hits theaters this Friday. Hanging up his cape for the last time as well is Christian Bale, who reportedly took all of twenty minutes just to bid a final farewell to his Batman suit.

There’s no denying that the Batman franchise has been very successful. In fact, I’d give it a couple of years before Hollywood execs decide it’s time to reboot the entire series.

When that time comes, the biggest question on everyone’s mind would probably revolve around who should play Batman. So we figured we’d jump the gun and come up with a list of actors who’d be perfect as the next Bruce Wayne.

Weigh in and tell us: who should the next Batman be?

Infographic Daily: How Much Bruce Wayne’s Manor is Worth

When he’s not out fighting crime in the streets of Gotham, Bruce Wayne is kicking it back in his luxurious pad. Covering 42,500 square feet on a hundred fifty acres of land, Wayne Manor has all of eleven bedrooms, an in-house lab where crime-fighting gadgets are developed, and a multi-level garage that holds the Bat, probably alongside the Batmobile.

It’s no secret that the Dark Knight is loaded. A couple of years ago, Forbes did a piece on the most loaded personalities in Fictional Fifteen, and Wayne ranked eighth with an estimated worth of $6.5 billion.

Which brings us to..the Wayne manor. Just how much is Batman’s sprawling estate worth in the real world? This infographic reveals the true value of Wayne’s manor and more.

Caption This: Seven New Images from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (PHOTOS)

If you’re anything like me than you already hired Leonardo DiCaprio and his team to lead an Inception-style assault into Christopher Nolan’s subconscious to learn how The Dark Knight Rises turns out.

But for the rest of you saps who didn’t have the foresight, Entertainment Weekly has just released a bevy of new Batman photos for you prior to the movie’s release this weekend. Check them out in the gallery along with commentaries on what we think Bruce Wayne and the rest of the gang aren’t up to in their respective images.

Anne Hathaway Flashes Some Sweet Cleave for Dark Knight Rises Premiere

Oh, there were a bunch of hotties at last night’s N.Y.C. premiere of Dark Knight Rises, but the night did belong to Anne Hathaway, Catwoman, who despite shearing off most of her previously long and lusty locks, managed to draw attention away from her Anne Heche like ‘do and toward her more delectable cleavage treats, courtesy of a very low cut white dress on the red carpet.

Now, nobody is more geeked to see Dark Knight Rises at the end of this week than the fanboys here at Egotastic! And we will try to take in the movie in its entirety to bring you a full and honest review (in one word or less), but if you hear shouts of naughty exuberance during the introduction of Catwoman in her skintight body suit from the back of the theater, please, forgive us in advance, and, as always, might we suggest you lay down the rubber floor mats. Enjoy.

Does ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Rise to the Occasion? Early Reviews Are In

A flood of early reviews have begun to pour in for Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises. And while the rest of you will have to wait until midnight Thursday to lay judgement on the final installment of the Dark Knight saga, a few reviewers were lucky enough to catch a sneak preview of Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotillard running around Gotham City.

It seems like the general consensus is that Nolan and his team have achieved the impossible and managed to make a movie that lives up to the expectations of The Dark Knight. While many reviews make mention of the lack of a standout Oscar-winning performance like that of Heath Ledger as the Joker, it seems like everyone agrees the new film contains enough brains, brawn and depth to create a fitting end to the beloved series.

So does The Dark Knight Rises have what it takes to break The Avengers $1.5 billion box office?

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