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Arianny Celeste Straps on the Leather for Complex

There are some of you out there who are going to flip at the sight of much be-lusted UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste strapped and cinched up in naughty leather and straps for her Complex magazine photoshoot. And there are many more of you who are going to wish the leather would disappear altogether. But there are probably few of you who don’t get excited at the possibilities that come with each and every new pictorial of this smoking hot young brunette hard-bodied vixen.

Personally, I’d take Arianny in the showers after a grueling workout, I mean, her grueling workout, my watching her workout from a beach chair whilst hoisting a cocktail. But for those of you with deeper darker imaginations of Arianny playtime, well, we’ll see you back here in a few hours time. Enjoy.

Paula Patton Nipple Poking Swimsuit Pictures Reveal Her Inner Naughty

Prepare yourself for a whole lot of Paula Patton sextastic in the next four weeks leading up to her leading female role in Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which will feature the hot-bodied actress in some, no doubt, form fitting and cleavage baring bits of wardrobe. And what better way to kick off the Paula Patton bandwagon of hotness then this downright amazing photoshoot from our friends at Complex magazine, where the L.A. native gets all native and nipple-poking and exhibitionist in some flashy swimsuits and a sexy reveal of her inner bad girl.

My, oh, effin’ my. We rarely get to see this sexy celebrity showing anything, anywhere. This is a very special treat. Enjoy.

Credit: Complex

Danielle Panabaker Simply Sexy in Complex Magazine Photoshoot (VIDEO)

Are you a Danielle Panabaker fan? Well, if not yet, you’re about to be. The former Disney Channel starlet turned guest hottie on tons of TV shows comes in to her own bit of grown up sextastic courtesy of one down-home country girl photoshoot from our friends at Complex magazine. Originally from Georgia by way of Texas, Danielle has no trouble slipping right into the role of sexy trailer living girl, including a few butt, tummy, and covered topless moments that will ensure you not soon forget the name Panabaker. Enjoy.

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Kate Upton Tugs the Sexy Udders for Complex Magazine (VIDEO)

Kate Upton is OMG hot. As in, Oh, My Gonads, Kate Upton, you are so damn hawt. This blonde busty model has shot out of seemingly nowhere in 2011 to dominate the glamour and lingerie modeling scene in the U.S. and now abroad, and, heck, yes, she deserves this career success. In her latest bendable and boobtastic venture, Great Kate puts on a country hot display for Complex magazine, milking a Guernsey and giving each and every living man on this planet some notions of what he might ought do with Kate Upton, a low-stool, and some cold morning hands.

Be sure to check out the behind the scenes video from Complex magazine and their Uptonian Boobtastic photoshoot. It’s quite amazing. Enjoy.
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Hotness Is So Simple in Complex Magazine

We’re only about a month out now from the thespianic debut of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Transformers 3 and the sexy magazine pictorials are coming fast and fapturious. These Rosie Huntington-Whiteley pictures from this month’s Complex magazine are just, as my grandma would say, “effin hot!”. Oh, sure, they’re kind of mature and grown up and sophisticated, but sometimes us 13-year-old-brained adult males can rise above the need for straight cheese and perfectly admire some classy hotness, of which RHW holds in great abundance. T3 may not end up being a fantastic movie, but it has been responsible for an amazing amount of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley hotness the past few months, and, for that, I give it an early two palms up. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Complex magazine

Aly Michalka Pictures Are Sexy and Complex

Just because I really dig Aly Michalka, who, by the way, is not just a hot fake cheerleader with an amazing stunt double on Hellcats. But, who also cleans up nice and hardbodied for modeling pictures, such as these Complex magazine shots. I don’t mean to give away big secrets, but I’ve been thinking recently about asking Aly Michalka to fake marry me. Oh, what a wedding night we would have. Me, watching endless hours of Hellcats in a Holiday Inn low-rise. Aly, half way around the world, completely unaware of our nuptials. Truly romantic. Enjoy.

Jamie Chung Is Gonna Knock You Out

MTV has launched a super-sized-colon full of crapola onto the entertainment landscape in recent years, but among the few things for which I am grateful is the discovery of Jamie Chung through Real World. Jamie Chung is going to have a monster 2011 and I want to be along for the ride. She’s going to be in Hangover 2, which you know I am definitely in for, and, of course, just like Carla Gugino from yesterday, Jamie Chung is portraying a bad-ass hottie in Sucker Punch, another cinematic venture I’ll be at when the doors open. Basically, this is going to be an upcoming season of Jamie Chung lust, kicked off perhaps with these amazing pictures from Complex magazine, featuring the Korean-American actress as all kind of pugilistic sexy and hot-bodied and other things I can’t mention because I just found out my mom (my bio mom, not the woman who kidnapped me from my bio mom and raised me in an isolated village outside of Dusseldorf) reads this blog on occasion. But you should feel free to think all those things, about Jamie Chung, because she’s hot. Enjoy.