Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks Cleavetastic Dress Spillage at AFI Screening

The film was called Ginger and Rosa, but given Christina Hendricks boob-spillage reveal at the screening, perhaps it should’ve been called Ginger with Ridiculously Big Funbags because nearly a pound-full of chest puppies came pouring out of Christina’s low-cut dress at the event.

While many have complained that Christina Hendricks might have gotten a little too curvy around her body, unlike Kim Kardashian who sells herself as slim chic model only to balloon out of control, Christina has always been a full-bodied lady teetering on the soft edges of chubbiness. But those boobs, damn, those boobs. Like soft sweet luxurious pillows in a high end hotel that are so comfy, you can forget all about the unclean Dominatrix who employed them brutally on the CEO who stayed in the room just previous to you. Enjoy.

When Actors Think They Can Do A Better Job Than Their Boss. Ryan Gosling and 5 Other Actors-Turned-Directors

Last year was all about Ryan GoslingDrive, The Ides of March and Crazy, Stupid, Love, each did extremely well at the box office and he received two Golden Globe nominations for his efforts too.

But now it seems like he fancies taking his place behind the camera too, so that he can show the world he is not only one of the brightest acting talents currently working in Hollywood, but that he’s a serious artist too. He makes me sick.

Gosling is poised to make his directorial debut with How To Catch A Monster, which has been described as a modern day fairytale and will see his Drive co-star Christina Hendricks play a single mother. Gosling isn’t the first thespian to venture to the other side of the lens though, here are 5 actor/director’s who ended up doing quite nicely for themselves.

Christina Hendricks Drops Ginger Cleavetastic onto the Pages of Cosmo

We miss Christina Hendricks whenever we don’t see the smoking hot bodacious ginger for more than a couple weeks in a row, and it’s been a spell since we’ve been put under the sextastic spell of this Mad Man mad-hot woman.

Featured in the upcoming edition of Cosmo, the magazine that teaches me the 99 things Men Love (when in reality we know it’s really just maybe two to three, and only one important one), Christina lays a fierce amount of her world-famous cleavage in her photos, such that us ginger-bottle feeders can virtually suckle our life-nourishing visual delights.

She is a giver. Enjoy.