Jessica Pare Sideboob, Eiza Gonzalez Witchy Bikini Hotness, and Josephine Gillan Topless Gingers Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup

Jessica Pare in Mad Men
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Despite my increasing laziness to clip together a video for you hard reading audience members, this was actually a pretty inspiring Boob Tube Roundup weekend on the small screen in terms of sextastic skin. Some of it only rated PG-13, but we’re collectively man enough to still use a little imagination when it comes to virtually undressing some ridiculously hot looking ladies of our future dreams.

This weeks’ Boob Tube Roundup included Jessica Pare flashing sideboob in Mad Men (yes, this was last week’s episode, but now I’m catching up), the desperately alluring Eiza Gonzalez and a few of her hot stripper friends in the new episode of Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn TV series, and Josephine Gillan and her outrageously plump udders in Game of Thrones. Check them out in photo form and report back on your feelings. Just not to me, please. Tell a buddy. Enjoy.

This Week’s Boob Tube Roundup Includes Tons O’ Shameless Nekkidness, Californication Toplessness, and Some Mythological Hot Bodies (VIDEOS)

Galadriel Stineman Topless in Shameless
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This week’s small screen skin-affair we like to call the Boob Tube Roundup, well, I suppose this is the most diverse one ever. Quite a week for big tubes on the small tube in our living rooms, bedrooms, and wherever it is you take your mobile device to find some happy private time.

Our favorite show Shameless showed up big time, including an unexpected long topless reveal from young thespianic Galadriel Stineman, more epic reveals from Shanola Hampton, and Emma Greenwell, fast becoming our favorite sex-kitten on the show, going full tilt on Lip.  Californication made its first real skin-baring reveal of its sixth season with a couple topless hotties, and you throw in Ellen Hollman in Spartacus and Lily Simmons in Banshee, both of whom are two new sextastic favorites, and you have one helluva Boob Tube Roundup if I say so myself. Enjoy.

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Maggie Grace Bare Arse and Nipple Pokes Highlight Her Season-to-Date Contributions on Californication

Well, we do have high standards for our Boob Tube shares, and while it most often involves some baring of the more private area flesh, we felt we must give a shoutout to former Lost star and all-around thespianic hottie, Maggie Grace, who is gracing the episodes on the current season of Californication with some very teasy aplomb.

While we’ve yet to see any perfectly pinkish particulars, Maggie has lent a nice sight of her bare bottom and some pokies beneath her nightgown to an ever building repertoire of wonderments on the sixth season of the show that we can only hope leads to some type of epic fulfillment before season’s end. Maggie, show us your honey drippers, please. Enjoy.