Lindsay Lohan Yoga Posing!

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Echo Lawrence - June 8, 2020

Lindsay Lohan is taking a break from her hectic schedule of managing her little sister Ali’s career, running her Mykonos clubs and trying to “rescue” little Syrian kids off the street. A much needed break for the busy 33 year year old! She put on a pair of her tight white yoga shorts and a matching sports bra to announce that she is starting her day with a little yoga! Although she did not bless us with her entire yoga routine and rather just this photo. Namaste Linds!

Lindsay Lohan Yoga

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  • Fraunx says:

    She needs to move on to a new career. Just like Maitland Ward.

  • Sky Masterson says:

    Meh, I’d fuck her. I wouldn’t spend more than $200.00 and I would expect a lot for that.

  • Bando says:

    And… she’s still ugly.

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